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Optional Update KB3000850

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    This is just one weird update, honestly.

    I decided to have Windows Update check for updates again and reinstalled this update and afterwards my system is still running like normal. No increased boot/restart times, no system performance cripples....weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LyndonH View Post
    As KB3000850 is a 'rollup' update, am I correct to assume that it contains ALL the patches released since the last 'rollup' update? I have applied all the important updates since I got my Windows 8.1 machine, so do I need to apply this one? Thanks.
    I had this question as well. I've installed all the recommended updates already so my feeling is this rollup is pointless duplication - it is just installing the same things again. Is this correct or am I missing something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBurns View Post
    Evidently the updates changed something in the makeup of Windows files.....?
    Still no idea what it changed in mine, hope its not anything uncalled for
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    I wonder if Avast antivirus is the common cause for those who are having problems?
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    Quote Originally Posted by youravinalarrrf View Post
    I wonder if Avast antivirus is the common cause for those who are having problems?
    I had no problems at all and I am running Avast
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    Quote Originally Posted by youravinalarrrf View Post
    I wonder if Avast antivirus is the common cause for those who are having problems?
    Do not use Avast, still had the problem though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by youravinalarrrf View Post
    I wonder if Avast antivirus is the common cause for those who are having problems?
    I don't use third-party AV anymore, especially on Windows 8. Been using Windows 8 Defender since day 1 of development.
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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    Well, looks like I'll pass on this optional update for awhile at least. Thanks to all who've posted their experience both good and bad.
    That's what I said last time I was having problems with an optional update that was a rollup - MS Forums promptly informed this was ill-advised since future updates may depend on it. I agree with you - if it's optional why should it have any bearing on future updates, but I gave in and quit hiding the optional!
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    I think most if not all of the issues are with the disk crunching that is going on after the install. On my system with a 8 core FX 8350 it is running at a constant 25% CPU usage which would make a large number of dual core systems slow. Often after updates Windows will do some housekeeping and this is what we are seeing. In the time it took some of you to go back and fix by restore and downloading 750mb of updates if left alone this update would have finished. I recently updated an 800Mhz PIII system on XP and it took all night and half the next morning to sort out dot net updates. I think Microsoft runs these updates on a bunch of test machines but "forgets" sometimes clients have underpowered PC's and Laptops.

    Edit, doing upgrade to a VM with a spinner hard drive. uptime 24 mins after update boot HD @ 100% CPU @ 25%. At 30 mins after booting CPU usage spiked up to 90% but was sitting at 75% average. If you have an SSD it will be quicker. This VM has 4 cores from the CPU running at 4GH on an FX 8350.
    Best idea with this update is to let it run overnight or if you are going out for a while. Do not restart during the process as it seems to continue until it has finished. My other machine with 8.1 on the hardware has been sitting at stopping services for 15 mins with regular disk activity so it is grinding away.
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    I agree that this is a strange update.

    I installed last night. The download (723 MB +/-) took about 25 min. and the actual install took another 15 min or so including the required restart. At first I was a bit concerned because after the restart my WiFi was disabled but came back on it's own after a minute or so and before I could start any troubleshooting and has not been a problem since. My PC ran very sluggish for an hour or so but by the end of the evening it was performing normally and the restart time does not seem to have changed.

    I always install all MS updates including optional ones and I have never had any issues but obviously there was more to this one. The most interesting thing though is what appeared after the install in my reliability monitor. The first item is the actual optional update and as for the rest, I can't explain it but my system is performing as it did before the update although I can't see any changes.

    Click image for larger version
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Optional Update KB3000850
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