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Possible networking driver corruption?

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    Possible networking driver corruption?

    I have no sognificant issues on my laptop that started out as Windows 8.0 and hasn't much in the way of additional software or devices. My desktop is another matter. It started out with Windows 7 installed by Dell and the Windows 8 upgrade went smoothly. After the 8.1 upgrade a lot of stuff stopped working. All of the store apps didn't work and I can't install anything. I get an error code 0x80072ee4. I think it's related to the other major problem. After a ehile (1-6 hours) it loses connectivity to the router but the hardware layer still works as it can see if the cable is plugged. I plugged a USB network adapter in and it works and does not lose the network but after a long download (40-50MB) it hangs. If I use a download helper program, I can stop and restart or if I use my Usenet client which does this automatically, I can do gigantic downloads. Since the amount of time I can maintain a wired connection seems to be related to network load (overnight, it usually stays connected) I think these have a common cause.

    The only other bothersome thing is the Intel RST says the service is not running but the Microsoft services control panel says it's running and stopping and restarting doesn't fix it. Also, Iastore is using a lot of cpu (15%) compared to before.

    I ran all the Microsoft troubleshooters and reset the network via command line and did a System File Checker with no errors found. Also I checked my AMD (formerly ATI) drivers and AMD's utility says they are the latest (Microsoft says they "might" be out of date.

    Any suggestions?

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    Not too sure on this one but from what I have read it may have to do with moving the temp files location to the wrong directory. The link explains what I'm talking about.

    apps won't install giving me a error code 0x80072ee4 - Microsoft Community
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    My Temp Internet Files are still in the default location
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigCheese View Post
    My Temp Internet Files are still in the default location
    With the store Apps not working the usual problem is either system file corruption or component store corruption.

    Try running the system file scan's outlined in the following link and let me know how it goes.

    Accessing internet
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    Here is the answer. Microsoft distributes a defective NIC driver:

    Windows 8.1 loses wired internet connection
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    Yes I'm actually the person who told the teddy bear person to look for other drivers because the default ones don't seem to be working as they should, that was a couple weeks ago however and in a different thread. It's not driver corruption though it was simply the wrong driver. Your explanation of the problem didn't really point to a driver problem with 6 hours between working.

    It's very strange that Windows 8.1 is installing some old Vista driver rather than a Windows 7 driver or an actual Windows 8.1 driver, especially for such a common NIC like Broadcom.

    I didn't look for drivers in your case as your system specs mention Dell XPS which doesn't really narrow it down and the Broadcom issue hadn't come to light.

    It seems that Windows was installing an older Vista driver which wasn't working but the Windows 7 driver is the one that worked. He was convinced it was a Windows 8.1 problem rather than a driver problem.

    The other fix I pointed you too is a more common problem with system file and component store corruption.
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Possible networking driver corruption?
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