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PC really messed up

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    Thanks, Art.

    HeyDontFall may want to think about adding some more cooling to the case. What do you think?

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    I already have plenty of fans and clean it out every week, about to attempt to run MemTest. Also I bought this SSD back in August so I don't think Microcenter will replace it for me
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    Sounds like you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing. you may need to get an RMA from the SSD manufacturer. I always try to have "spares" around so if something fails, I can replace it without having a system down while I'm waiting for the replacement to arrive. If you have an older hard drive, you could swap it in. I have images of my drives created in Acronis, stored on my server, so if a PC's drive fails, I put in a new one, boot from a flash drive, point to the server and reload the image to the new drive. Restoring a PC takes less than 1 hour this way...
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    Ok. Hopefully it's the mem sticks. They're cheaper.

    Please let us know the outcome of the test and any progress.
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    Actually a 128GB Samsung 840 EVO is on sale for $87.99 at Microcenter lol and how long should I run MemTest for? Also I will setup a RMA with Kingston later so I guess I have will two SSDs, a 500GB WD Blue internal drive and a 1TB External WD Drive
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    Depends on whose software and extent/type of test. Anywhere from half hour to an hour.
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    MemTest did 1 pass that took 46 minutes it says no errors! Doing another run right now
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    RAM does go bad. I just had an old DDR2 stick "go bad" and the gold plated contacts were corroded. I cleaned it up but it still failed, so that happens from time to time. I'm a firm believer in premium power supplies because I believe an excellent quality power supply can prevent component failures.
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    The Samsung SSD's are nice! I have purchased a few and they always perform very well! The Samsung "Magician" software that comes with them is pretty cool...
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    Damn shame it had to be the SSD that died, good thing all my games and such are on my other two drives
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PC really messed up
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