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How to get BT working on Win8.1 + Dell XPS 1340?

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    How to get BT working on Win8.1 + Dell XPS 1340?

    Thanks to this great forum I was able to install Win 8.1 on my laptop (Dell Studio XP 1340).
    Resolved here: Windows 8.1 RTM installation fails on Dell XPS 1340
    As per advice I got here I had to disable Bluetooth in BIOS to be able to install the system.

    Now with the system up and running I would like to use Bluetooth. The device is not listed in Device Manager and no driver was installed. When I enable it in BIOS system will not start, it crashes with error (

    I found the driver which should be installed. So with Bluetooth still disabled I tried to install it. It's in exe so I can't really get the driver files. The SW asks for Bluetooth to be activated by a switch. I have a button which normally turns Wifi+Bluetooth on/of .. but with BT disabled it does not work, obviously. And the only option is 'Cancel':

    Any ideas or experience with this?
    Thank you!

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    I don't suppose the .exe is a compressed folder with a self extractor? If so, you might be able to open it with something like 7Zip and see the files inside.
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    Don't know if related at all but read here: Unable to REMOVE Bluetooth mouse
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidY View Post
    I don't suppose the .exe is a compressed folder with a self extractor? If so, you might be able to open it with something like 7Zip and see the files inside.
    I tried this. 7zip extracts the file Network_Application_C71DK_WN_12.0_A02.EXE and the result is Setup.exe, mup.xml and package.xml.

    The I did the same with Setup.exe. It extracts a few files like .data, .rdata, .reloc, .text. The most interesting one is named [0] with size of 177MB (this is the file name, with no extension). There is also folder .rsc which contains folders like bitmat, cursor, dialog, group_cursor, group_icon, icon, manifest, version and file string.txt.

    When I view the file [0] with file lister it's just bunch of non-sense characters. When I scrolled to very end of the file I see text like Win64\btwavdt.inf or Win64\BtwRSupportService.exe it's definitely the file with the drivers. But how to get those?
    In file lister I also noticed "LYME_SFX" at the very end of the file. Didn't find much info on the internet though. This is the best info I get UnLyme - LYME_SFX extraction perl script. So will try this.

    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    Don't know if related at all but read here: Unable to REMOVE Bluetooth mouse
    Yes, I saw your thread before posting mine. But did not really help. Thanks anyway.
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    OK, Bluetooth works now .. but there is still a small glitch

    What I did:
    Rebooted, enabling BT in BIOS. That gave me BSOD error, same as during installation. But this time minidump was created.
    Disabled BT in BIOS again and got back to Windows.
    I used Nir Sofer BlueScreenView to view it. It showed error with athwnx.sys. I found some Win8 drivers for Dell Wireless 1515 - Atheros There was no athwnx.sys, only athw8.sys or athw8x.sys.
    So I've overwritten athwx.sys in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ with athw8x.sys.
    Rebooted again, enabling BT. Windows started! But device Dell Wireless 1515 Wireless N-Adapter was now not working. So no internet connection.
    Anyway I installed the BT drivers from Network_Application_C71DK_WN_12.0_A02.EXE which I found earlier, described to work.
    Installation went ok now. BT works - I was able to pair the laptop with my phone.

    However - and here is the glitch - my wifi is still not working, currently connected with cable

    Now I need to find out which drivers to use so both Wifi and BT are working..
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    I've read elsewhere that manually deleting files from the system32\drivers folder can cause problems.

    When you finally got the 8.1 install to work, I don't suppose you turned off the "automatically get device drivers, apps and info for new devices" setting at step 13 or whatever it was?

    You might find that if you did that, it doesn't install any Wifi or Bluetooth drivers and you can install the correct ones manually (perhaps download these, and also the wired network drivers, from the correct website first and save onto a USB or something).

    The downside is that you'd need to run the install again (probably for the 38th time!).
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    No, I did not turn off automatic driver download. But with Bluetooth disabled it found the driver for Dell Wireless 1515 card ok. Driver provider is Microsoft, version

    I also used other driver as mentioned in my post above - with this Bluetooth works ok but Wifi does not.
    So, I guess I "just" need to find correct driver for Dell Wireless 1515 card.

    I woudn't mind installing the system again..
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    A small update regarding BT problems on my Studio XPS 1340. So far I use Win 8.1 with BT disabled in BIOS. I only get BSOD when I want to shut down my laptop and then it restarts. I am kind of used to it
    What I did now is I enabled BT in BIOS and disabled WiFi. I was able to install drivers no problem, pair laptop with my phone and transfer files with no problems whatsoever.

    Then when I enable Wifi in BIOS (leaving BT enabled too) Win 8.1 is starting up to login screen and then BSOD. Then from dump logs I can see the Atheros (= Wifi) driver is the problem.

    So yes, it's the Wireless driver I am waiting for..
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    Win 8.1 Pro x64

    Alright, good news.. Now I have both Wifi and BT working on my laptop, hurray!
    Here is what I did:
    - I had Win 8.1 running for some time already but since the installation BT had to be disabled in BIOS
    - I disabled Wifi in BIOS and enabled BT
    - Booted to Win no problem
    - Connected via LAN, downloaded the latest driver package from and installed
    - BT was working ok now
    - When both Wifi and BT are enabled in BIOS (at this stage) system will only boot to log screen, followed by BSOD and reboot
    - Disabled BT in BIOS and enabled Wifi again
    - Installed driver (for Win 7 x64) for Wifi
    - Re-enabled BT in BIOS, leaving Wifi enabled too

    .. and whoala! It works! (tested pairing and file transfers)

    Could be probably done some other way. It took me a while to figure out the correct combination of drivers which would not cause conflicts.

    Still getting BSOD & reboot when shutting down the laptop, with message UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. But that is for a different thread, I guess.. So, marking this thread as solved..
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    Thanks for providing more details on BT driver install

    Hi, himi420

    Thanks to all your hard work I was able to install Windows 8.1 Pro on my Dell XPS-1340, which appears to have the same wireless setup as yours: Dell 1515 Wireless-N card with Dell 370 embedded Bluetooth.

    However, it would help me a lot if you'd provide more details on exactly what you did to get BT up and running. I downloaded the only BT setup package from Broadcomm that I could find, SetupBtwDownloadSE.exe. When I boot with BT enabled and WiFi disabled and run this package, the software says that it's unable to detect a Bluetooth device even though my BT mouse works and the BT icon shows as lit on the front left edge of my Dell XPS-1340.

    In Network settings, I see only my Ethernet card adapter, no WiFi (as should be) and no BT.

    It seems tryihg to read between the lines that you manually extracted a BT driver from a Broadcomm download using 7Zip. But more details on where you go the download (link and name?) and how you installed might help get me up and running.


    Jim Lewis
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How to get BT working on Win8.1 + Dell XPS 1340?
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