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How to use Winmail on Windows 8.

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    windows 7

    How to use Winmail on Windows 8.

    Here's a solution for all who want to use winmail and windows 8.

    The procedure is almost the same as windows 7 , but we will need a dll file.

    First , we do the same procedure as in windows 7 :

    a) Take ownership of winmail forder ( if you use windows 8x64 , you need to take oweneship of program files/winmail and program files(x86)/winmail). Remember to check the " show system files " before that.

    b) Delete all the files in winmail forder and replace them with the windows 7 / winmail files.

    c) Copy msidcrl30.dll to c:/windows/system32 folder

    d) Now , we have to register the above dll. Open cmd and type : regsvr32 "c:/windows/system32\msidcrl30.dll" and press enter.

    Reboot , just in case , and you're done !!
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    Belo Horizonte
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    Windows 10 Tech Preview

    Thanks for the info !
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    windows 8

    When i register regsvr32 "c:/windows/system32\msidcrl30.dll" i get the RegSVR32 message saying the dll is not compatible with the x86 ver of win8 i'm running.

    Repeated process (after reboots) but still doing something wrong.

    Just recalled that i ran "WinMailEdit" prior to starting instructions in this post - could that be my issue?

    Any ideas?

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    1. I have got windows mail from vista working on w8 beta. You have to save the mail prog for vista (32 or 64 bit) according to which version of w8 you use. I use 32 (not tried with 64 bit). Then change permissions of windows mail in W8, bit of a pain, delete the files and the en-us folder, then copy the vista windows mail files to the windows 8 mail folder. Received an error message about msidcrl30.dll, but downloaded version c.1.7100.0, put it in windows\system32 folder and it works. Think problem was with the later version.
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    Belo Horizonte
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    Windows 10 Tech Preview

    It makes thing imagine Windows build 6.2.7100

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    windows 8

    i'll just wait a bit for Windows 8 Consumer Preview version & give it a go then...i've used the workaround several times successfully with win7 32/64bit. i most likely just botched my initial effort with win8.
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    Windows 8 x64

    i just got it working. just follow the instructions above

    make sure windows mail is in program files as opposed to program files (x86) and it should work

    just imported all my old folders etc, got 2 email accounts working on it now... aullll good
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    Windows 8-7-XP-98

    I use Windows 8 Consumer Preview 32 bit.

    The msidcrl30.dll from the download above seems to be the 64-bit version? It doesn't work on my system.
    My Windows 7 version (32-bit) also doesn't work.

    Who can help me with a working msidcrl30.dll version so I can use Winmail in Windows 8 CP? Thanks...
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    Windows 8 x64

    there is a post mentioned here may be of help to you
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    Just for fun I installed WinMail on Win8 this afternoon to play a little...
    I was surprised to see that MS at first had intended to use WM on 8 as you can see, since for whatever reason 8 comes stock with the same Program Files/WinMail folder as it was on 7, just like Vista has where of course WM works as is. On 7 & 8 successively MS had even built newer version WM files too, but upon each OS's release they didn't activate WM and so all by themselves the files would not start WM until retro modifications were made, similar to what we did on 7.

    Doing a little work on 8, transferring files from 7 and a few other things although not exactly like it's listed in posts above though, iow, you don't need to regsvr the msidcrl30.dll anyway (may give the dllregusterserver error if you do) ...but anyway it works without regsvr and you do Not need a specific version of msidcrl30.dll either like it says above, I tried many different versions and they all work, but might as well just use the current msidcrl30.dll out of 7 as it is today since WM works very well with it there, and so just copy it from your /System32 folder from 7 over to 8. Keep in mind of course what OS you're using whether x86 (32bit) or x64 (64bit), you cannot mix or substitute files from one into the other!

    Now to delete the existing 8 WM folder, at first I started typing the cmd's out but was a p.i.t.a, and so instead I used from this forums administrator Brink who created This neat little Add_Take_Ownership.reg to do it quicker, with benefits; after using that then right click on the Windows 8 WinMail folder, take ownership, and then right click again and deleted the folder. Then copied my existing working Windows 7 Programs 'WinMail folder' over to 8. (I have my own so didn't need to use the WinMail folder attached to the first post) Next, from here I then used our automation process from over at the other WinMail on 7 thread since it makes the rest of the process complete (although a few changes at this point are redundant but by running the automation doesn't hurt and actually has advantages) ..but importantly the WinMailEdit.reg within that gets merged makes WM accurate for all the reasons discussed over the years within the WinMail on 7 thread.
    Download the Windows7 WinMail Tutorial ( from the WinMail on 7 webpage, unzip and read the "ReWinMail_tutorial.html" that's in it, read that to get a feel for what we do to enable WinMail on Windows 7 since you should use that after you do the first steps of enabling WinMail on Windows 8.

    If you update from Windows 8 to 8.1 and it breaks WinMail, no problem, just replace the WinMail programs folder again with your original one from Vista is all to bring it back to it's original Vista state; you may even have to re-run the automation process. I had no problems with that since I had fresh installed Windows 8.1 and then followed the original procedure as normal, gives the same outcome; and so no matter what new updates break WinMail, just like on Windows 7 running WinMail, your just re-do the procedure to bring it back to its Vista state.

    Basically for Windows 8 you:
    ~ install Brinks Take Ownership.reg Here
    ~ Then right click on your W8 Programs/WinMail Folder, and click Take Ownership
    ~ Then right click on your W8 Programs/WinMail folder, and Delete it. (or just delete the files within)
    ~ Then copy/paste your own WinMail already *working* Win7 "Programs/WinMail" folder over to the same place in your Win8 Programs folder (or copy/paste in the individuals files; I mentioned the whole folder since it's just 1 action comparatively)
    ~ Create a shortcut from WinMail.exe within to the Desktop
    ~ Then copy/paste your own Windows 7 C:\Windows\System32\msidcrl30.dll file over to your W8 C:\Windows\System32 folder
    ~ Download and/or copy the (link given above) specifically to your "Downloads" folder and 'unzip' it directly there giving you a folder named 'TutReWinMail' - it's imperative that the path for that folder is specifically: C:\Users\-yourcomputersname-\Downloads\TutReWinMail
    ~ Open an Administrator Command Prompt
    ~ copy/paste ...orType
    cd %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\TutReWinMail\
    ~ copy/paste ...orType
    (or if you have 64 bit)
    Press Enter as you are following the prompts....
    ~ Then you are done,
    ~ Start WinMail and she opens immediately..
    ...from here you setup the Windows Mail client as normal

    Anyway, within minutes I had WM start up instantly,
    Here's the first run screenshots - back on Win 8 beta CP, to Win 8.1, to Windows 10 Preview tested today.
    Screenshot of WinMail on Win8 beta CP & Win 8.1 & Win 10 Preview
    I agree with all the disclaimer warning statements given on the 'WinMail on 7' thread linked above, that using WM on 7, let alone using it on Win8 or especially Windows 10 - is Not Supported, and is a special per-user decision who Understands Completely what the Tutorials warning article is saying! ...but having said that if you totally do get it, and importantly have the technical ability to make the changes! ..then like so many of us enjoy and much prefer using WM on Windows 7, or 8 ..ymmv

    For those who don't have the x86 msidcrl30.dll (since the first post only supplies x64) then here it is attached:
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How to use Winmail on Windows 8.
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