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    You have to remember the Enterprise editions of Windows are not available through the usual OEM channels, they're only available to customers with Quality Assurance Contracts, although they can also be found as part of the MSDN\Technet\Microsoft Partner networks, as well. Under Windows 7, there were very few differences, functionality wise, between Ultimate and Enterprise, but there are major licensing benefits for the Enterprise versions.

    It will be interesting to see if/how Microsoft deviate from Windows 7 with the Enterprise versions of Windows 8. It would appear they've already dropped the ball with Media Centre, so I wonder how bad it might get...

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    They aren't telling the price, but I'm glad to see that there will be an upgrade edition for Windows 7 Home Basic. It is the only version of 7 that cannot be updated to another version of 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Interesting feedback starting to come through on the blog page.
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    windows 8 consumer preview

    Too bad ARM only comes preloaded. So much for using a tablet I already have. I wan't to dual boot on my Transformer. I hope Asus comes out with a Transformer RT.
    I have been running the preview on a RM Slate and I don't mind going between desktop and Metro.
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    MS refused to answer questions today about whether Win 8 can be used to upgrade XP and Vista. Although the Win 8 Preview upgrades frm both, MS has only announced that the full version can upgrade from Windows 7.

    Granted, there's a work-around. If you have XP or Vista, borrow a legal copy of 7, install it, and you have some time before you have to register it on line. Then install the Win 8 upgrade.
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    Hello Vince,

    It would be best to do a clean install of Windows 7 instead of upgrading from XP or Vista to Windows 8 anyways. Doing so would most likely have issues from it afterwards.

    Time will tell what all our options may be though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    It would be best to do a clean install of Windows 7 instead of upgrading from XP or Vista to Windows 8 anyways. Doing so would most likely have issues from it afterwards.
    I think I'm known for being a very strong supporter of doing upgrades when wanted/needed. The simplest reason is logic. If your upgrade is unfixable, THEN you can clean install. In my mind, there is no point in not trying when you have nothing to lose at all (besides the time it takes to attempt it.)

    All issues that can come out of upgrading can be fixed too, but sometimes it takes a lot of know-how. The number one thing I would suggest for upgraders is to use the tool in safe mode to completely uninstall any antivirus and/or firewall from the machine first.

    The only issue I am aware of so far with upgrades from previous operating systems, that may be Microsoft's own fault, is the audio service not being able to be started. There is an easy fix for that though, by running a command.

    All in all, I suggest upgrades for tech savvy people that don't mind troubleshooting a (usually) tiny issue or two. For those that do not even want to think of troubles, then yes, clean install is a must for him or her.
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    I am very sad that Microsoft is taking away ability to use AppLocker from consumers...

    They are trying to convince Windows 8 Pro is the upgrade of Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate.

    However in reality it is no the case. The only reason I got windows 7 Ultimate was because I need all the function Windows could offer to me. Especially AppLocker and Group policies.

    Why can't Microsoft still keep Ultimate edition with all functions? They could just distribute digital only version.

    After my fiasco with Consumer Preview, I am coming back for Release Preview to see that my very fine-tuned AppLocker settings will not work anymore.

    Honestly, I am struggling to remain one of the Microsoft's biggest fans.
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    Windows 8 RP x64

    I'm glad Microsoft is dividing versions that actually makes sense. Win 8 for normal users, Win 8 Pro for geeks, RT for tables, Enterprise for Enterprise. I'm probably going for Win 8 Pro.
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Compare Windows 8 Editions
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