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Win 8.1 HP Envy 700-214 Auto Shut Down Upon Powering Up?


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As above I have an HP Envy 700-214 that's somewhat recently started shutting itself off almost as soon as the on power button is pushed---it does give indication its performing that function via an OSD message.

After the second button push it does power up and run pretty much flawlessly until I shut it down. Anyone dealt with this? Is there any info I can capture and share to help diagnose this?

Previously I thought I was hitting the "on" button twice which would have signaled the machine to shut down. I do not have the "on" power button configured to do that---it has to be shut down via the Start button options dialog box.

BTW I'm a complete moron when it comes to diving deeply into computers--can certainly follow directions if there's a fix for this. :)


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