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Windows 8, no networks available?

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    For some reason, cmd prompt still says system 32

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    No, resetting your PC will not do the trick.
    You will need to start from scratch, install CD or USB and boot the 64bit OS, then wipe the drive when it comes to the drive setup
    (ie, delete all partitions and then install letting it create them for you)

    You will lose all data on that drive, so back up what you need to keep.
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    Did a clean install and it still gives me the same issue
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    Wtf am I supposed to do? I never thought Windows 8 would be so annoying. I am this close to digging out my XP disks. How unfortunate.
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    I am not sure what you are doing wrong, i am running Win8 x64 on 2 different systems.
    Follow the link that chev posted,, and follow it exactly.

    If it keeps coming up as 32bit and you are installing it properly,, it's a 32bit OS and not 64bit like you think it might be.
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    i followed the clean instructions exactly.

    under my computer properties, it says x64 bit x64 processor.


    time to try it again
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    another clean install.. still doesn't work

    still telling me "The Ethernet adapter is not working properly" which is total BS.

    device manager says network adapters are up to date and working properly
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    You should be looking in System for the 64 bit info. Control Panel,> System. You can see if it's 64 bit version or not. If you can get to Windows updates it might also have some drivers for your system.

    There are no system specs listed for your system but it usually pays to obtain updated 64 bit driver versions from your system manufacture's web site before installing a newer Op system, Windows 8 doesn't always have those updated drivers on the CD because they were made after Windows 8 was released.

    Can you post the ipconfig/all from this machine?
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    Properties says its a 64 bit. I also tried installing 32 bit again, and I still can't find any available connection even after installing my Linksys driver.

    it is a custom built computer, so I don't have anything from the manufacturer. Anyway, I had the internet connection working just fine a few days ago.

    for some reason, when I open cmd, it says c:\windows\system32> even though I am on 64 bit.

    Ipconfig says:

    Ethernet adapter Ethernet:
    media state....:media disconnected
    connection-specific DNS suffix.:
    link-local IPv6 address....... fe80::a893:6f13:2cf0:2758%12

    I don't know if that means anything to anyone

    Again, troubleshoot says The "Ethernet" adapter is not working properly

    detection details: Nvidia Nforce networking controller

    How do I change network controllers? I think it is using my onboard network adapter for some reason....I know I have a Linksys in there and thats what I had been using normally.
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Windows 8, no networks available?
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