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    Internet Explorer and the Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Have loaded Windows 10 in Virtual Box 4.3.16 and works apart from Shared Folders. What about antivirus .? The usual such as Kaspersky / Avast dont work
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    Windows 8.1 "Align icons to grid" does not switch off

    many people including myself have not been able to turn off desktop icons as "aligned to grid" !
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    How to download the Windows 8.1 ISO

    Incorrect.... it does allow the download of 8.1 which however shows the 8.0 reg details, so wont install separately unless the generic key, as above is first used (?) Personally I wont risk that. Meanwhile the 8.1 update version from Microsoft store I installed on 17/10/13 had generated its...
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    Windows 8.1 "Align icons to grid" does not switch off

    Anyone found a solution, to desktop icons being immoveable ?
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    create disk image failed

    Hi Use Macrium "Reflect" free version (Uk macrium website, check google).. it works in Windows 8 and is far better than Windows own version Best to have a spare partition or drive to back up to .( 20 gb upwards )
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    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

    Thanks Guilz Just the job.........! I had always used the 2.** series and had not looked at the Asus site recently.
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    No Sound from X-FI Xtreme Gamer

    Xfi 5.1 surround does work fully with Creative Windows 8 beta drivers The other software add on items mostly dont
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    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

    Have an Asus P8P67 board , R2.70 definitely does not load properly / work at all to any degree. I presume another update will follow for other people (?)
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    Windows 8 Hangs/Freezes Splash Screen

    What video card are you using ?
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    Media Center

    Youre not missing much ..Windows Media Centre in Windows 8 seems identical to Windows 7
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    Windows 8 Hangs/Freezes Splash Screen

    Hi My installation interrupted and froze 4 times until I realised that the HDMI cable from PC to the TV, making the latter the primary screen which stops installation. Once removed .. no problem
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    Solved Unable to change desktop wallpaper or select a theme

    Hi Im Tweakfiend Who posted the wallpaper / theme reset error Tried Oaks 56 reg reset method Reg screens says " you have successfully set your registration" then shows error message on pressing ok to exit Will this now reset in a day or 2 or has it failed ?? So..... I had installed with 8...
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    Cannot Change wallpaper / themes In Windows 8 PRO

    Windows 8 pro upgrade purchased from Microsoftas a download .. saved as an ISO and used that to install to Oracle Virtual Box Shows reg key as invalid on activation attempt. presume as installed inside Windows 7 not as 7 upgade. This invalid key, although the reg key recognised & approved...
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    Cannot Change wallpaper / themes In Windows 8 PRO

    Hi Difficult to produce a screen print........... With ref to the "Harmony" desktop background, on selecting a change of wallpaper or desktop theme, Windows will show the changed selection for 0.5 seconds then reset to "Harmony" Had no issue with previous earlier versions of 8 and used many...
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    Cannot Change wallpaper / themes In Windows 8 PRO

    Cant see this mentioned here on Windows 8 Pro RTM version ? Alternative Themes /wallpaper accessible but cannot be changed due to screen lock . Seems to be no update to adjust this . Did not happen on pre release versions of Windows 8. Any ideas, please ?