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    Computer keeps freezing and having blue screens

    Im not a BSOD analyst in any way, but until someone who is jumps in here to help you, i can at least point you to other possible issues that bring the blue screen.. Have you booted the system in safemode with networking? if it works fine in safemode, then the problem is most likely a driver or...
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    Fan at full speed during shut down and sleep

    I just ran into this problem tonight! I installed soundswitcher on a system i built for a friend (a program with a hotkey to switch audio from speakers to headphone on the fly without having to go into sound properties or unplug the headphones) and when i clicked restart to make sure it...
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    Lost all my flash drives after changing removal policies

    Have you tried plugging them into a different USB port? If its a desktop, try the rear ports. as your front ports may be worn or dirty. also check disk management and see if they are mounted, quick removal automounts, whereas better performance doesnt always.. I played around with these...
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    Solved Epson 7600 Printer Driver for Win 8

    I dont have that particular printer but I read somewhere where the Vista 64BIT driver was used and worked, I cant verify, but if you want to give it a try.. Sorry I cant find the link for you.. If I do, Ill repost with due credits..
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    considering re-enabling Windows updates

    I generally avoid updates, but sometimes they are a necesary evil, but i do a manual install but check first on the net on updates to avoid! BTW windows stopped forced updates on Win 10, they finally got the hint that when they force updates THEY are responsible for the damages and...
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    The touchpad on my laptop does not want to work

    does anything in your device manager show up as not being recognized? here are the two mousepad drivers elantech and synaptic Product support heres a similar situation to yours on Acer website, give it a shot.. Solved: touchpad stopped working after windows 10 - Acer Community - 372205
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    Fan at full speed during shut down and sleep

    ok cpu and hdd temps look good.. uninstall coretemp hit the power switch once, 1 second duration only, and see if it shuts down normally. if it doesnt, hit enter two or three times, then wait a minute. if it still doesnt, force it off, unplug the power cable, press and hold the power button for...
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    Fan at full speed during shut down and sleep

    yeah, 46.6 degrees sounds a little low lol.. Maybe thats your problem, a defective sensor... try another temp monitor. SPECCY shows tons of system info, including processor and hdd temps.., leave coretemp running for comparison
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    Solved Cloning SSHD to SSD Windows 8

    Since this post i found AOMEI PARTITION ASSISTANT (Free) and the copy disk works perfect every time. If you want to only copy the os partition on a single boot system then you should choose the MIGRATE OS TO SSD option, this way it also copies the bootmanager and the system will boot..
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    Fan at full speed during shut down and sleep

    1: when and where did you buy this system 2: do you know what your cpu temperature is running at? It may be overheat and the fans are staying on to cool the system. install core temp and tell me what the cpu temps are..
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    The touchpad on my laptop does not want to work

    Hello Dave, what drivers did you download for your touchpad? Was it synaptics, or elan? Acer says it may be a "precision" trackpad instead. They have been shipping your model with a precision touchpad. If you cant find precision drivers, I recommend downloading IOBIT's driver booster, let it...
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    Fan at full speed during shut down and sleep

    Hello T0by, lets try to figure this out.. Have you always had this problem from the get go, or after some software installation? Did your system always have windows 10, or did you upgrade to 10? How do you shut down? with the power button or the menu>>shutdown option? Is there a yellow...
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    Solved unallocated space on hd problem

    gotcha, thanks.. I thought is was an unused or empty partition.. unallocated space is unseen as you say..
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    Scanner works under Win7 but not Win8

    are you trying to use a specific program that comes with this driver or are you just trying to acquire via photoshop or other photo programs. Windows basic drivers may be enough. If not see if installing generic twain drivers will do the job..
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    Solved Cloning SSHD to SSD Windows 8

    Your last two partitions are in the wrong order and will not boot.. Your windows (disk1) knows to boot from Partition 5 where your OS is Your clone has the OS on partition 6 You can either move the last two partitions in their proper place which will take time because it will be moving...