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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, PhyllisColeman.

    Thank you for your kind words.

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    I know this is an old thread but I just found something I wished I'd done several months ago before upgrading.

    I have a PC with two partitions (drives C: and D: ) on one physical disk. I was just doing a bit of a cleanup and couldn't figure how to delete some quite big files from the D:\RECYCLER folder - I tried logging in as every user on the PC but the files weren't visible in anyone's Recycle Bin.

    Then I figured it out - I sent those files from the D: drive to the Recycle Bin when it was a Windows XP PC. But then I did a Clean Install on the C: drive, and created new users... so the old users who owned those files no longer existed and the files were left orphaned in the D:\RECYCLER folder. (I don't think Windows 8 even uses \RECYCLER folders any more.) And of course I no longer had access to them by default from the new users on the PC, even though the users had the same names, so I had to mess around with taking ownership etc.

    So my tip is:
    * If you have multiple partitions and plan to keep any of the data there, and you're about to do a Clean Install, then consider emptying the Recycle Bin (while you still can) before you install.
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    Sorry about the delay to get to this. I've been quite busy redoing my system.

    Thank you, DavidY. I never realized that problem. So as I understand this straight > Libraries are carried over in installation. It also carries over the Recycle Bin folder as well? Or just from XP? 7 to 8?

    If that be true, then good suggestion if one chooses not to reformat a disk, as there's an option within 8 installation to do so in advanced options. Of course files won't be carried over. In fact there's disk management on 8 install disks, or at least on mine. I don't remember that being on previous install disks. Anyone?

    Any which way, I'll be sure to mention your suggestion.
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    Orbiting the Moon
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidY View Post
    So my tip is:
    * If you have multiple partitions and plan to keep any of the data there, and you're about to do a Clean Install, then consider emptying the Recycle Bin (while you still can) before you install.
    Good tip!


    It's hidden and if you didn't emptied the recycle bin, files remain here on disk.

    Another scenario that applies here is for instance: you have an external HDD, you delete movies, ISO's, big and small files and then you eject it without emptying the recycle bin. All files are located on the same disk in the hidden folder mentioned above. But the if you empty the bin afterwards the files don't get removed because disk is not connected and even if you reconnect it: if bin says already empty then it's too bad for the files affected.

    Manual fix:
    Browse that folder with 7-Zip for instance (sees everything: this way you don't need to check show hidden files and system files in Explorer) and delete the files in each of its containing folders (leave the folders empty but keep the file desktop.ini), then your recycler is clean again.

    Depending on the situation, if you were affected by this multiple times you can gain a couple of gigabytes back by doing the manual fix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Thank you, DavidY. I never realized that problem. So as I understand this straight > Libraries are carried over in installation. It also carries over the Recycle Bin folder as well? Or just from XP? 7 to 8?
    Well I'd say Folders (rather than Libraries) are carried over.

    I don't know how it works from 7/Vista as I was coming from XP, but I reckon there might be similar issues.

    In my case, everything in the recycler folder on C:\ was removed because I wiped the whole partition with a clean install (so C:\ was OK), but the recycle folder on the D:\ partition was left behind and no longer emptied by "Empty Recycle Bin" because (as I understand it anyway) each bit of the recycle bin has an owning user and following a clean install those users no longer exist, and D:\ was where I found the problem.

    Like Hopachi says it was a couple of Gb that I could have freed up the easy way if I'd just emptied before the Win 8 install, but I had to empty the hard way after the install (and didn't even realise it was there for ages).

    So my tip is to empty the Recycle Bin before you install; it's much easier than doing it later. If you think there are files in the Bin which you might want to keep, then undelete them and back them up.
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    Hi HippsieGypsie,

    Me again.

    Another thought.

    I've seen a lot of problems on here where the user doesn't have a Recovery Drive or Repair Disc, and it would have made their life much easier if they had done this when they started using Windows 8.

    So I think the "First-tasks/ time-savers" section should include these (linking to the appropriate tutorials):
    * Make a Recovery Drive or Repair Disc
    * Consider making a Custom Refresh Image

    I know this thread has got quiet with many people having upgraded if they want to, but with the 8.1 release coming in October, there will presumably be a big push from Microsoft to get another bunch of people to upgrade, especially targetting the XP folks. So I think there's probably still value in keeping it going and perhaps updating when the final 8.1 is released.
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    How to Add Menu Items Under the (Windows 8.1) Right-Click or Context Menu.

    I made numerous attempts on updating 64-bit Windows 8 Pro
    client systems to 64-bit Windows 8.1 Pro and/or doing a fresh
    install of 64-bit Windows 8.1 Pro from an ISO DVD. In any of these
    cases I found the Windows 8.1 Shell Context Menus to be incomplete.
    Especially, they were missing the default/top Open entry for
    any Program Icon on the user's desktop.

    What I found is that ZipGenius is actually inserting
    itself into the list of items available in the Windows registry under
    placing an ZipGenius 6 entry there. Obviously, this entry
    is able to terminate the ContextMenuHandlers' parsing of the
    verb list, essentially leaving incomplete context menus to
    the user.

    A quick way to cancel these artifacts is to remove such
    entries from the ContextMenuHandlers' verb list.

    1. Open Regedit (Go to Startmenu\Run; type regedit)
    2. Expand until you are in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex
    3. Select ContextMenuHandlers
    Entries present, e.g.:
    Open With
    Open With EncryptionMenu
    . . . . . .
    ZipGenius 6
    . . . . . .

    Delete any potential entries by ZipGenius 6 under 3.

    Maybe it's worth to check if there are additional user applications out there
    that may impair the shell's context menus in similar ways.
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    Ages ago, I posted on here to say that I didn't know how to restore Windows XP Backup files into Windows 8.

    Well it looks like people have figured out how to workaround this - here's a link to an article on Tech Republic describing how to do it.

    Restore a Windows XP backup in Windows 8 - TechRepublic

    There are a couple of caveats in there, but hopefully it might be useful to some former XP users.
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    Please have a look on my root drive partition:

    Is there anything wrong with that? What about this "System Reserved" partition. Should I merge it with C: on fresh install so that I would get better performance, maybe?
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    The "System Reserved" partition should be left alone. It's something Windows creates when it's first installed. I found the following online:

    "The 100MB partition is a system partition and contains boot files. Disk Manager will not allow you to remove this partition because removing this partition could cause the system to not boot."

    Although the above is related to Windows 7, it seems that in Windows 8/8.1, it's 350 MB rather than 100 MB.
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