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Windows 8.1 Update 1 (KB2919355) installation FAILS

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    It doesn't matter what I do, in the end KB2919355 always fails! I followed all steps, including the pre-requesite KB2919442. It really sucks !

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    Haven't read this whole thread but you could check this out:

    KB2919355 (Windows 8.1 Update) Fails (800f0092 and - Microsoft Community
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    Quote Originally Posted by vrosa View Post
    It doesn't matter what I do, in the end KB2919355 always fails! I followed all steps, including the pre-requesite KB2919442. It really sucks !

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    After a while I finally got KB2919355 installed automatically by WU !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doubts View Post
    I'm also experiencing problems with kb2919355 and it's an *epic failure*.


    Microsoft sure knows how to disappoint their fanbase.

    ***KB2919355 Fix that WILL allow the install of KB2919355***

    As many discoveries have been made, I discovered this accidentally. and quite by coincidence...

    In order for users, who've been plagued by errors and file corruption, to get a successful completion of KB2919355, all that's needed is to run the 8.1 upgrade installer, and when the 8.1 installer goes to the wait screen after entering the generic product key, start Windows Update for the install of KB2919355


    1. Run the Windows 8.1 installer from within Windows, as if you're going to do an install repair "upgrade".
    2. Enter the generic product key, and upon clicking next, the installer will say wait...
    3. Give the installer about 5 minutes, then start Windows Update (it should show the KB2919355 update), and click install.
    4. Windows Update will begin downloading the update... if you have a Windows Update cache problem that causes the speed and percentage to remain at zero, don't worry about it and get the update installed first, then you can clear the cache and remove the directories afterwards.
    5. The install may fail, don't worry... simply hit install again, making sure the 8.1 installer screen is still on the "wait" screen, as whatever the installer is doing during the "wait" screen is what makes the KB2919355 install possible.
    6. KB2919355 should install and Windows Update should request you to restart... simply do so without cancelling the 8.1 installer. Windows will finalize the update during the shutdown and restart processes.
    7. Upon rebooting into Windows, you will have a multitude of additional updates that will need to be installed (around 10, give or take a few), and you can verify the install of KB2919355 by going to "view installed updates"

    A few users will need to comment back once they'e performed this in order to see if this automatically fixes the multitude of issues users are facing, and if it doesn't complete successfully, then I can back track what step I took over the past several days in order to figure out what caused this to work for me, but not others if problems occur.

    This has also been posted in the 5 main threads on Microsoft Forums that deal with the 5 main errors received.

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    Maybe this will help works most of the time if u install the update from Windows Update.

    Case of the KB2919355 Installation Failure (Windows 8.1 Update) | chentiangemalc

    if not try checking the comments, there are somethings usefull...........
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    is this KB2919355 necessary for 32bit PC?? what it inludes bcoz itz around 429 mb. will it be a sucessful update??
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    Quote Originally Posted by ansaf1234 View Post
    is this KB2919355 necessary for 32bit PC?? what it inludes bcoz itz around 429 mb. will it be a sucessful update??
    YES, KB2919355 is required and if a Windows 8.1 computer does not have this update package installed, all further patches from Microsoft will be withheld until the end user is updated.
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    So, I ran into this when trying to install SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2012 R2. on a VM. I saw all kinds of suggestions, none of which seemed to work. Eventually, I re-created the VM, and installed KB2919442 manually, rebooted, installed KB2919355 manually, rebooted, then installed SQL Server 2016, and only THEN patched they server with the standard patches. Just FYI. It was very time consuming.
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Windows 8.1 Update 1 (KB2919355) installation FAILS
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