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Why Windows 8 isn't the monster hybrid some tout it as...

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    As long as you don't buy a craplet by accident.

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    Recently went over to the dark side and picked up a Mac Mini on Craigslist. For this I beg forgiveness from the forum, lol!

    Me thinks one thing the Mac has Windows PCs right now is the track pad. It really works slick. Apple has brought the touch experience from the iPad over to the Mac desktop. It really is better than any mouse I've used on Windows, including the MS touch mouse. I use it with a 32" monitor well out of arms (and legs) reach while sitting in my easy chair.

    You CAN have the touch experience wo/ a touch screen. MS is following Apple's lead by releasing their own touch pads for desktop use. I don't have RTM yet, but MS has said there will be additions to the gestures w/ RTM. This includes the touch mouse which I currently use on Windows 7.

    Bottom line: don't limit touch on the desktop to touch screens...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    As long as you don't buy a craplet by accident.
    I like that portmanteau as well. There is a lot of craplet out there! I won't mention the iThing and a few others. Did I say that?!!
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Why Windows 8 isn't the monster hybrid some tout it as...
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