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Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only

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    I updated 8.1 preview to 8.1 - before it showed in the store - maybe 20 minutes for the install. Fast full speed download, but I did it fairly early morn 17th.
    Lenovo laptop was originally win7 with $40 upgrade to win8... to 8.1 preview. Then I downloaded the 8.1 upgrade iso and burn it because I cant yet find ...the make System Repair disk option anywhere.

    Update from Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8.1
    Update from Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Windows Help

    Everything, . works. Had to set path for Temp Internet Files was only small glitch.

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    Strange, Mikiep,

    i got the message that 21 programs where compatible, but when looking in Programs & Features"....there are none....

    So in fact download & install took some 15 minutes, solving problem with the password also 15 minutes and now resetting/installing everything again.....well some 2 hours.

    My god.....

    Forget to tell, i was not asked to put in my serial number, but this will maeby be asked in a few weeks. If so, why not now....

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    My option to upgrade was there for me on Thursday morning the 17th via the Windows update. After reading threads here for a few days on how upgrade went for others via the Store and seeing that there will probably be no official MS ISO released, I decided to give it chance and a go yesterday. All went astronomically well! I was quite surprised.

    Going from 8Pro x64 (fresh install) to 8.1 with a 54Mbps connection. Using MS account to sign into an older Acer PC. (Never had a problem with 8 while using it these past months) Backed up everything important and hit the upgrade option in the Store at 12:30pm. The upgrade install progress meter appeared stating "Downloading". Was able to use the PC during 100% of this whole first phase.

    2:00pm: The download meter was at 50% and data download was complete. The meter bar changed to "Getting update ready". This was 50-52% of the meter.
    2:005pm: The meter bar changed to "Checking compatibility". 52-60%
    2:10pm: "Applying changes". 60-70%
    2:17pm: "Gathering information". 70-86%
    2:27pm: "Preparing to restart". 86-100%
    2:31pm: Restart.
    2:32pm: Actual upgrading/install screen appears. Cannot use PC at this point. "Setting Up". 0-75% (just like Windows Update screen)
    2:46pm: Restart
    2:47pm: "Getting Devices Ready". 75-100%. Screen starts to phase in and out of differnt colors.
    2:52pm: "Getting Ready".
    2:57pm: "Applying PC Settings".
    3:03pm: Restart
    3:04pm: "Setting Up A Few More Things".
    3:14pm: "Getting Ready".
    3:15pm: License terms appear. Pressed "Agree".
    3:15pm: Asked for "Express Settings" or "Custom". I chose/used Express.
    3:16pm: Asked for code for "Trusted PC" via SMS. Entered received code.
    3:18pm: "Installing Store Apps". (I'm assuming these are new ones)
    3:22pm: "Getting Apps Ready".
    3:24pm: "Taking Care Of A Few Things".
    3:25pm: "Let's Start". A few seconds later my Start Screen appeared just as I left it in 8 with the same titled columns with no tiles moved or changed, however there were a few more new Bing apps added at the end of the screen.

    All system settings (except DVD and thumb drive defaults > no biggie), Favorites, and all of my desktop programs and Modern apps are there. I noticed in Programs and Features that "Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, Office Pro 2013, Skydrive may have been reinstalled for it shows the new date > Not sure. Had a little trouble with IE11 and some addons that weren't meeting safety features. Java being one. Bing Bar, above all things, was another. I consider these minor things that are easily fixed. There were 7 system updates that were installed during the install process. 5 were saved. One was installed shortly after installation completed. I have mine set to automatic.

    1-1/2 hours to download. 1-1/2 hours to install. 1 hour cannot use the PC. 3 hours total from starting download to Start Screen. Approximately another half hour fiddling which one would do anyway with a fresh install. I consider it the same timing as fresh install if one has to download the ISO to do so.

    All in all a good experience. I'll run it for a few days, make sure I have it tweaked, add any apps/programs I may want, and then mirror it for any emergency reinstall.
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Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only
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