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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

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    So disabling sync did not solve the issue, I have completely moved the idiot process out of system32, hope that helps. Will keep you posted.

    It so peculiar that the error gets temporarily fixed everytime I kill the process.

    I never liked Apple much, but having so much problems with my desktop, my next laptop will be a MacBook Pro... This is how far Win 8 has pushed me...

    EDIT: Win8.1 restarts fine with the process moved out of system32 and the process does not restart, is not replaced. For me that is a solution. If I notice any adverse effects, I will tell you about it.

    EDIT 2: And it just restarted... I am thinking about putting something else in place of settingsynchost like renaming an empty file to settingsynchost.exe
    This is worse than a virus...

    EDIT 3: I have now searched for and deleted 2 additional settingsynchost exe files they are located under winsxs, but just search on c: - reboot time. Anger level rising - Close to hulk mode.

    EDIT 4: Looks like one adverse effect is that IE cannot restore tabs any longer, but I don't really care about that. Deleting the other files seems to have taken from win the ability to restore this piece of code to its original location. One more reboot, but I am hopeful I have tackled the process for now... BTW I deleted / moved with a nifty little program called "unlocker"

    EDIT 5: IE can restore tabs again, maybe reverted to a local non sync method, but the process settingsynchost as of now remains dead Will keep it running for a while and see if it somehow restarts again, but I have a good feeling. Hulk Mode is averted... for now.
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    Win8.1-64 Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by f00k00f View Post
    Gork did you confirm the process not running in task manager as it tends to restart?
    Yes. See Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep for details. For clarity, I checked for the process again after confirming the computer would still not sleep as well. Please take note that I had to delete SettingSyncHost.exe from two locations for testing.

    As far as the data, we've pretty much disproven all of what you're requesting, throughout this thread, as a cause of the problem. Also, many of us have added our system hardware to the "My System Specs" link in the forum. But...

    a) Slept fine with Win8, stopped with Win8.1 (both 64 bit) - either from a clean install of Win8.1 or upgrading from Win8
    b) Powercfg /requests indicates no problems
    1) Onedrive - yes, per default settings of Win8.1. (But have tried disabling it with negative results.)
    2) IE exclusively
    3) Two SSDs and two HDDs behind a HARDWARE RAID card.
    4) Killing SettingSyncHost.exe does not solve it
    5) Wired connection (Sleep often starts working again when I unplug the wire - but not absolutely consistently.)
    6) Intel - 64 bit
    7) Nvidia (Have tested with a clean install and no Nvidia software installed besides what Win itself might install.)
    8) Single GPU
    9) Two monitors, but one is the TV - connected via HDMI - and it's usually disabled through the NVIDIA Control Panel. Have tested with it completely disconnected though and it doesn't solve the sleep problem.

    While it's possible SettingSyncHost could be causing the problem due to a bug, it's just as likely to be something else. Don't forget that for us having this problem it goes away after a reboot - but only for a period of time before the problem returns. And once the problem returns the computer won't sleep anymore until after the next reboot, for a short period of time. So, for testing, you have to try to let the computer sleep multiple times for several hours before confirming or ruling out a cause. For me, as I've noted, I set the computer to sleep in two hours and give it at least three cycles on that sleep schedule. My computer, since upgrading to Win8.1, has never continued to sleep after three two-hour sleep cycles except when I'm logged in under a local account.

    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    Glad I've stuck with local account. No such problems.
    Indeed. That seems to work for at least some, and sticking with Win8 (instead of going to Win8.1) is another solution.

    Quote Originally Posted by linw View Post
    my IE11 won't load a particular page from a particular web site
    If you haven't, try various states of the "enable protected mode" option on the security tab and "enable enhanced protected mode" on the Advanced tab. After setting the former to on and the latter to off I stopped having the problem you are describing. (Sad I can't use "enable enhanced protected mode" because I'd like to.) I did have SOME luck with compatibility view settings as well at one point - but those settings are back to default for me now.
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    Windows 8.1

    Folks, as we all know, the sleep problem came up when we updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Some of us updated through the store, some of us updated through a clean install and some of us never had Windows 8 on our computers.

    We're also pretty much aware that when Windows 8.1 was released, it had been rewritten to the extent that some older 64 bit computers would not accept Windows 8.1 and if I'm not mistaken, some Windows 8 computers would not accept any version of Windows 8.1.

    Before the December 2013 Windows Update, my HP 500-056 crashed and burned when I attempted to go back to Windows 8 from Windows 8.1. I had made the Recovery DVDs but they failed to work. Bottom line, she went back to the factory for repair. Before this happened, I was also "sleepless in Seattle" along with many of you and tried everything that had been thrown out. For me, IIRC, disabling (something in) PowerCfg worked, but it interfered on other things, so I re-enabled it. In the end, I did not update to Windows 8.1 again until sometime in the January/February 2014 time frame, well after the December Windows Update. Wonder of Wonders, my computer now slept as it should. That update solved the issue for some, but not very many.

    With all this said, to my mind, during the rewrite something happened to cause Windows 8.1 to not sleep for a large number of users. If this is true, and I believe it must be, then the answer is hidden within that rewrite. I cannot help but think that the solution will be found there.

    Here is "What's New" in Windows 8.1: Windows 8.1 - What's New, IT Pro Features, Devices, UI | TechNet I give this link because there are many of you who will understand it while I, not so much. My expertise is more on the hardware side, as many of you know.

    So far, we've had many workarounds, and a few solutions that worked for a few members. You guys and gals have been all over this issue and so far, not much has been found to solve it.

    And now, if I may, I would suggest that those of you actively seeking a solution should go to What' New in Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1 - What's New, IT Pro Features, Devices, UI | TechNet and start looking there for where/when the problem started.

    Ohhhh, yeah, I'm good at giving 'structions; just ask StarFerret or KittyPaws.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I've been following this thread and trying everything suggested to solve the sleep problem. I finally found something that seems to work so far, but only time will tell. In my case I have resolved the problem by

    powercfg -requestesoverride PROCESS explorer.exe display system awaymode

    Yes, I found explorer has been preventing sleep, at least as far as my testing goes, so here's the test sequence I ran, I repeated the tests several times.

    1. Clean boot, do nothing, computer sleeps
    2. Tried various applications, leaving them open, closing, each time computer sleeps
    3. Open explorer, computer sleeps
    4. Using explorer open a folder on my NAS, computer sleeps
    5. Move a file on my NAS, insomnia
    6. Close explorer, still no joy
    7. Reboot and repeat, same results
    8. Used powercfg -requestsoverride to block explorer, still had explorer open, no reboot or anything else to clean up, computer sleeps.

    So now I've blocked explorer using powercfg, put my sleep time settings back to normal and I'll continue to monitor the situation.

    If anyone else with an ongoing problem wants to try this it would be great to know the results. If I continue to have problems I'll let you know.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium on 2 Windows 8.1 on 1

    There's been a hiccup or two but since I created a local account my computer is sleeping. Certainly more reliably then when I use my MS account.

    So what does this mean? I'm no expert but I believe it rules out things like driver issues or program conflicts.

    Many people use MS accounts and have no sleep issues so it can't be the only way to get a computer to sleep reliably.

    Since everything else I have tried doesn't work I will stick with using a local account.
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    Windows 8.1

    Quote Originally Posted by bru View Post
    There's been a hiccup or two but since I created a local account my computer is sleeping. Certainly more reliably then when I use my MS account.

    So what does this mean? I'm no expert but I believe it rules out things like driver issues or program conflicts.

    Many people use MS accounts and have no sleep issues so it can't be the only way to get a computer to sleep reliably.

    Since everything else I have tried doesn't work I will stick with using a local account.
    Actually, Bru, prior to the December Windows Update, when it was first suggested, I tried the local account to no avail. My computer just refused to sleep.
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    As a scientist, I've noticed a major flaw on how we tackle this problem.

    Normally, when you do an experiment, you control every single parameters except one. So that way, by brute force, you can eventually isolate what's wrong.

    We have too much variations. I'm pretty confident that we already found a cure, but we missed it because we can't all reproduce the same bug.

    For instance, some of us still struggle with homegroup sleep issue, some with keyboard-mouse issue, etc.

    Of course, those who got other problems will say "doesn't work" at someone who found something and it mess with us really bad. Even the way you've got your Windows at the 1st place is important!!

    Well it's still interesting though, so keep going guys!!
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    Agreed, there are just too many uncontrolled variables. Maybe thousands!! Even 10 would be too many.
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    W8.1 Pro 64

    Has this not turned into a game of wack a mole?
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    Yes, that sounds about right!!!!
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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep
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