`First off I'd like to thank everyone for being so helpful in helping me diagnose and solve my computer problems.

I'm going to mark this as solved since I have been playing BO3 and planetside 2 without any BSOD or game crashes/closing unexpectedly.

For anyone referring to this thread for their own PC problems I'll give a brief summary of what the problems and solution(s) were. So the first symptoms I experienced were multiple BSOD. The very first I experienced was a memory management error, and then experienced many others after that (refer to previous posts to find them because there are quite a few. These BSOD would happen almost exclusively during game play. They maybe happened once or twice when watching a video, but basically they happened only during game play. The next symptom I experienced was during game play, the game would just close on me. I would get a little window that would pop up saying [insert game name].exe closed unexpectedly,

I tried removing unnecessary drivers and hardware (excess GPU drivers from NVIDIA, sound card drivers, the sound card itself). I ran memtest86 for 18 passes and found no errors. I rearranged the memory sticks on my motherboard to be in the optimal slots as suggest by the user manual. I downloaded and installed windows 10. Throughout all of this the BSOD and game crashes persisted. I downloaded speccy to check the temps or my hardware and my CPU was running rather hot. Idling at 60-68C and hitting 70-94C under load.

After much reluctance and suggestions I decided to bite the bullet and buy a "new" (refurbished) CPU and heatsink. After installing the CPU the BSOD still persisted and I eventually got stuck in an infinite BSOD boot up loop. Windows would try and auto repair and then it would just got to BSOD and restart. The trick to solving this is after installing a new CPU you must go to your BIOS settings and set your hardware to run at optimal settings. This fixed my BSOD and game crashes and made the new CPU run a little less hot, although it was still running a little to hot in my opinion. So i decided to scrap the new stock intel heatsink and go for a hyper 212 evo coolermaster which brought my CPU temps down to 26-40C idle and 60-70C under load. I haven't experience and hardware or software problems since installing the new CPU and after martket heatsink.

So that is the short summary of what I experienced and what solved it. The really short summary for those you that didn't want to read through all that is: I had a faulty CPU. I needed to install a new cpu and after market heatsink and readjust the bios settings to account for the new CPU to stop the BSOD and crash from occurring.

Disclaimer: This is a very bare bones overlook of what I encountered while fixing my PC. There was quite a bit of leg work involved on hardware installation/removal as well as hardware/software testing/troubleshooting.

If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to try and answer them.