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BSOD (KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR) on waking from sleep.

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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Following website should help identify bad drivers:

    Btw, To collect multiple dump files the "Overwrite any existing file" should be disabled:

    Attachment 61084

    Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools
    open services as administrator and ensure services whose name begins with "diagnostic" are running and set to automatic start.
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    Verifier did not find any old or unsigned drivers.
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    What ever is wrong with this machine, it is getting worse. Although we had been getting the BSODs pretty much since the beginning (computer is about 2 months old), they are getting more frequent. We did not get the black screen error until a few days ago, and have had three or four.

    This morning, after the computer had been left alone for about an hour, we came back to find the message reproduced in the attachment (bad cell phone photo). This was a variant on the black screen problem (had to reboot). Previously, all crashes had been upon waking.

    No new .dmp file.
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    This looks more like corrupt operating system.
    It is also possible that Windows has been infected and damaged by viruses.

    When did u last time reinstall Windows, how old is this windows, and what antivirus/firewall are you using?
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    The computer is an HP Envy Desktop, Product name: 700-410xt
    The C: drive is a SanDisk SD6SB1M-256G-1006 solid state drive
    The E: drive is a TOSHIBA DT01ACA1000 1T conventional drive

    The computer was new approx 3/3/2015. It had factory-installed McAfee antivirus until close to the end of March, when it was deleted and Windows Defender was activated. When I took the problem to HP Tech Support (via chat), they installed and ran MalwareBytes which did not find any issues. (They also ran some hardware diagnostics which were also clean.) The first BSOD was within a day or two of taking it out of the box.

    I have never installed or reinstalled Windows. OS is Windows 8.1. I note that on the Windows information page, there is a link to "Get more features with a new edition of Windows" but it doesn't say what that new version is.

    There was a black screen when I woke up the computer to write this post. Still no new .dmp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phv3773 View Post
    The first BSOD was within a day or two of taking it out of the box.
    You can perform a clean boot and use your PC that way, then trying to reproduce BSOD
    Clean boot will disable ( not remove ) some of unnecessary drivers/applications/services
    This could help at least separate functioning part from non functioning part.

    Btw, in order for driver verifier to possibly identify bad drivers you need to modify "standard settings" and select 3rd party drivers from the list. however this could in worst case result in unbootable system. as explained on msdn

    If clean boot won't work you can also try to boot into safe mode with or without networking and use your PC that way to narrow nonfunctioning part down even more.

    Reinstalling Windows probably won't help since BSOD's started 2 days after you bought it, but is an option if anything else fails.
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    I can see that this is going to take some time because we can't produce the error on demand. For example, it has not crashed yet today.

    I'm going to start by doing a clean boot late in the evening and letting it sit overnight. Then, I'll add stuff back, night by night.
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    No crashes yesterday. Did a clean boot yesterday evening. Computer seemed to be working normally. Left on all night. No crash on waking this morning.

    Mid-morning, crash on trying to start Outlook. Error message is CRITICAL_PROCESS_???? (Message disappeared before my wife could read it all.) No new .dmp. Outlook had been working normally since the clean boot.

    Since the machine is still under warranty, I'm thinking of giving it to HP to fix. Unfortunately, the local HP Authorized Service is at Staples, which is not reassuring. (I have not talked to them to see if they can do the warranty service.) And of course, fixing an error that only happens now and then is always difficult whether it's a computer or a car.
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    Yes, there is no dmp files except the one 9 days ago.


    We can only guess and try out few options.
    What I would do is a full scan with an actual Antivirus. malwarebytes is not an AntiVirus really and MSE probably can't detect if there is something attaching to processes, (in this case probably networking process/driver ). as the dump file itself shows.

    Step 2 is check if any drivers are running high DPC.
    For this to check we use DPC checker:
    DPC Latency Checker

    The above tool is easy to use, and must not show any red bars while running, (in normal mode, not safe mode).

    It depends what kind or issue does the warranty cover, but that an options too if all tries fail.
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    Most likely a drive failure. Have you tested your drive?
    SeaTools DOS is a good program, I would run the long generic test.

    SeaTools for DOS | Seagate

    The fact that you're getting inpage errors and critical process terminations suggests that this is the issue, on top of dump files not being written to disk.
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