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8.1 update fails, gone through many tutorials, need help!

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    8.1 update fails, gone through many tutorials, need help!

    My problems started when i had to do a fresh load of windows 8 because of a failed HDD(unrecoverable/unimagable).
    -Ive replaced my OEM HDD with an Intel solid state.
    -My computer is a Dell Inspiron (14z -5423) which came with windows 8, if it matters.

    I installed the solid state hdd and loaded windows 8 without any issues, even did all the updates though windows 8.1 without a single hitch. Then i realized i installed windows 8 without secure boot enabled, which is an issue for me because of a project im working on that requires secure boot to be enabled. So i decided to do a fresh reload once again, this time with secure boot enabled and this is when the problems started.

    First i could not make it all the way though the fresh install even though i did a delete partitions, format partitions, and even a cmd line diskpart/clean/format from the windows 8 cd's repair option. I then tried wiping the drive with Acronis to be sure no old files were corrupting the new install. Still the install would fail. I was repeatedly receiving an error message saying "windows could not update the computer's boot configuration." Eventually i discovered formatting the drive and deleting all partitions using Partition Magic would allow me to do a clean install of widows 8 without any more issues.

    Now that windows 8 was installed once again i started doing updates which went well up to the windows 8.1 update. Upon restarting(by itself) after the installed updates were completed the computer again prompted me that it "could not update the computer's boot configuration." At this point it would no longer boot past this point and was stuck boot looping to this error message. No matter what repairs i attempted i could not get past this error. I even tried MSdart 8 to repair the install but i could not mount the OS, therefor no restore points etc. CMD line sfc /scannow & chkdsk /r did not help me either so i decided to once again use Partition magic to format my drive and start from scratch and do a fresh reload once again.

    At this point im getting a bit frustrated but ive made it as far as getting windows 8 re-installed with all the available windows 8 updates installed successfully. Ive also imaged (backed up) my solid state to an equivalent sized HDD just to be safe as i dont want to reload again because of corruption. When i attempt to install windows 8.1 from the store, it makes it as far as "getting updates ready" then fails with an error saying, could not install app, error 0x8007001f

    Ive gone though many tutorials on here without much luck. The microsoft fix it tools found in the tutorial below claims to have fixed issues however the 8.1 update still fails. The tools report say, Problems found: Service registrations is missing or corrupt - FIXED, windows update error 0x80070490(2014-09-T-10_45_19A) - FIXED, problems installing recent updates -FIXED.
    Update KB2919355 finally successful after multiple fails

    My windows system event log shows: Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8007001F: English ESD Bundle Parent.

    Ive also tried installing the updates (downloaded from MS) manually and the install fails saying: "The update is not applicable to your computer. " Which really has me confused... Its a windows 8 machine from the factory.

    Any input into this topic is greatly appreciated!!
    Ill keep my progress up to date as well to hopefuly help in finding a fix for this issue.
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    SOLVED: Finally windows 8.1 installed on my laptop. Im not sure if i would call this a fix or not but after installing an (ironically out of date) app, the app prompted me it needed to to update to .Net 3.5, after doing so i decided to try to install Windows 8.1 once more and to my amazement it worked. I find it odd that if windows 8.1 requires .NET 3.5 that windows updates does not show you the available update. If installing the .NET framework had nothing to do with Windows installing then maybe my persistence of repeated install attempts paid off. Either way its working and im happy. Hope this helps someone else with similar problems.
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8.1 update fails, gone through many tutorials, need help!
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