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Dear readers: How would you change or improve Windows 8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    I moved onto WLM when introduced. I tried to implement it in 8, but to no avail. The 8 Mail app stinks and has a very long way to go so to compare with those two.
    I was able to install and run WLM on W8 Enterprise no problemo. And that was only a few days ago.

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    That's good to hear while I wasn't expecting to hear much about any problems since it's still Live Hotmail. Soon however you will be hearing more about the new site.
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    While I don't care for metro or the default apps with it I see metro as the start button and I'm in the desktop all the time. Actually just moving the mouse to the bottom right corner and clicking search gives me everything I may want to open. I have been using mail on the metro side which is very limited in options and settings as all metro apps seem to be.

    I might install an email client on the desktop side. It would help if the desktop side and metro side talk or interacted with each other better like the email giving me a notification in the desktop side etc.
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    Well that's the whole thing. How you work with 8 is still going to be quite a bit different from any other version even with the addons like Classic Shell. It's not simply the Start screen and Start button and menu changes but the overall layout.

    With the Start menu you still had the search box there but not with the addons for 8 howevver in order to find things besides programs like services.msc and other system processes, policy settings, etc. Now it will become a search and discard mission of sorts!

    As for Live Hotmail which MS will be dumping in favor of the you have the option there to install locally on the drive as well as simply logging in at the Live login site. Plus you can easily import and send mail with different email clients all from one main window. With 4 or 5 Live accounts here for different things I have everything all wrapped together on both 7 and for 8 as well(on VBox presently).
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    Quote Originally Posted by BFG View Post
    One thing that keeps me going back to my windows 7 installation is the lack of easy access to recent apps and documents. I'm so used to downloading a file and then opening the start menu and going to the recent items menu to open the file.
    You could try this for Recent Items
    Make a shortcut to <user folder>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent on the desktop, then right-click and 'Pin to Start'.
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    I'd like to see a USB mousepad. Just like a Wacom but can be used with fingers or stylus.
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    Actually these days you can find a finger mouse! I'm nor referring to a trackball mouse but a tiny job you hold between two fingers like the one seen at one finger mouse for computer - Bing Images

    A fast Bing search can reveal a great number of innovations such as a mouse you can hold in one hand and not one that requires any mouse pad since it has a trackball. As for usb mouse pads those are finger controlled to start with just like the touch pads on a laptop or a select number of keyboards. Most could allow a round tipped stylus as well. You just can't have one that would leave permanent depressions however. A soft tip type round cap that slides across the surface easy would be the thought on that.
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    Put the 'eye-candy' back, and stop pushing us towards the 'cloud'.

    Then, I'd be happy.

    I can easily live with the rest of the OS as it stands (OK, I've tweaked it a 'bit').

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I've seen a few of these videos and every time I watch them, I always want to say to the people in the video, "You almost friggin' had it!!!!"

    But if I were asked what to make Windows 8 better...

    Attachment 8079

    It would have to be a more metroized and modernly designed Desktop with ALL the Aero iconography removed and replaced with neater metro styled icons like Office 2013 has. Also, I would add the luscious and so uber smooth UI feel of Office 2013 into the Desktop. I'd also want Control Panel redesigned to look more like PC Settings so it's simple and clean looking. I'm asking for every vestige of vista gone for good.

    If Microsoft added more of the metro style in the Desktop, I'd think it would be more of a hit, at least for me!

    I HATE the design of office 2013 -- far too bright etc etc.

    I'd allow much more customisation of tiles -- run some like Gadgets on the std desktop and also aloe expanding tiles for example say an Office 2013 tile -- click on the tile and it expands or "Explodes" into "sub tiles -- EXCEL etc.

    I'd actually radicalize W8 completely

    1) REMOVE -- Yes REMOVE the Std desktop App completely -- before you hold up your hands in horror - read on

    2) Start Standard applications such as Office directly BUT IN A WINDOW so you can run these either windowed or full screen at will

    3) make the use of multiple monitors somewhat easier

    4) tidy up some of the current Metro apps so they can easily be "Windowed" if required so you can run these concurrently and view them at the same time -- On a phone / tablet this isn't necessary but using a LARGE MONITOR often running stuff in full screen mode doesn't "Cut it" -- real waste of Screen real estate.

    5) To get rid of the desktop COMPLETELY we'd need something like a toolbar "Gadget" so we could launch new applications from within existing Windows or even via customized toolbars visible in the "Charms area". There's no reason whatsoever why for instance say I'm running EXCEL and I want to start Photoshop -- Should just be able to move mouse to charms area - click on toolbar and start Photoshop -- no need top ever see a DESKTOP.!!!! and the functionality for using traditional apps is maintained - probably makes the OS even "Leaner and meaner" too if a Desktop environment doesn't have to be maintained.

    Ms -- KILL THE DESKTOP -- IT'S NOT NEEDED ANY MORE -- So long as "classical apps" run directly in Windowed mode. You should have done this in the first place -- Let's BREAK FROM THE PAST.

    As for new devices to replace a mouse -- you even have things like Eye tracking stuff -- have you ever seen Dr Hawkins programs on the universe on TV -- there's almost no limit to the sort of devices you can attach to a computer to provide input (and output).

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    The ALT-Enter key works just fine for full screen-windowed mode toggling. You see that in just about any pc games that allows a windowed mode while some won't. See the problem about not having a desktop to begin with? Many desktop softwares also lack the windowed mode option since they are designed for full screen such as media playback with a quick access type hide itself tool bar that will appear when moving the mouse to exit.

    No Wallpaper to look at? Gee how would MS promote it's new Bing desktop option without any desktop there to put it on?

    I don't think you will see MS strip away the main product they have thrived but have to start getting back to the basics and remember the desktop platform still needs a desktop gui to work with! The multiple additional steps required philosophy expressed in 8 where you have to take more time to do the exact same things you did in one or two is "unproductive" as the end result and is fact not fiction or personal preference. When the top desktop designers for the competition come out and scratch their heads wondering where MS is going with 8 in the long run you know MS made a goober!
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Dear readers: How would you change or improve Windows 8?
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