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Start button to re-appear in Windows Blue (From W7 Forum)

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    I never have understood the need for these massive 'signatures'.

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    I just want my Aero back.
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    I don't think MS will let you have that in windows .

    Try Linux for transparency.

    Several good ones for newbies like me - Mint Mate or Cinnamon or the flashier Mint KDE may surprise you.

    New features in Linux Mint 14 KDE - Linux Mint
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazure View Post
    I just want my Aero back.
    I second that, they had it in the preview of Windows 8 but removed it from retail.

    Aero Glass.
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    I actually like most of the under the hood stuff and the flattening of the ui in Windows 8. I just can't stand the Metro crap. My list for things to be done to "fix" Windows 8 and return it to preeminent status.

    Keep in mind, these are only for desktop/laptop's. Tablets can keep the metro and be welcome to it, it makes sense on that form factor.

    1. Make all “Metro” apps window-able, tile-able, re-sizable and run-able on both the start screen AND the desktop.
    2. Include a minimize, maximize and close button on ALL “Metro” apps. Make these buttons, clickable with a mouse and touchable with a finger. Make them have the default button behavior from Windows widgets have had since Windows 3.1.
    3. Unified control panel. Place all controls for all options for the whole system in ONE control panel, simply have a “Metro” and a “Legacy” link to it.
    4. Make Windows detect on install or boot whether touch-enabled hardware exists on the system. If so, give the option to start with the Metro start screen or the desktop. If no touch hardware is found, default to the desktop.
    5. Return the start MENU, and boot to desktop (boot to desktop would be optional as per #4).
    6. Include links to all “Metro” style apps on the start menu, perhaps in its own folder.
    7. Remove all “hot corners & edges” from the system. Alternatively, make hot corners and edges definable, allow users to say what action happens at each corner/edge.
    8. Reinstate “aero snap” on start screen and desktop.
    9. Reinstate basic windows search using win + f, from desktop or start screen.
    10. Reinstate DVD playback by default and at no additional fee in all versions of Windows 8.
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    Hi there

    3 of your points aren't really serious issues IMO.

    point 9) Windows + F works fine from desktop.

    if you are already on the start screen just start typing - search comes up immediately anything is found.

    Windows +X on the desktop also throws up a nice little menu.

    point 10) Commercial DVD playing was never an option in Windows anyway -- you used to have to purchase say WinDVD or Power Dvd to play DVD's and then you had that stupid regionalisation nonsense. VLC player from Videolan plays all DVD's / multi-media files and IS FREE.

    Point 8) Aero snap is only "Eye Candy" and most people don't seem to want it -- and if it's not really wanted except by a few removing it makes the UI leaner and meaner which seems to be what most people want.

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    I was referring to the snap feature that gave you side by side windows to work in, apparently this feature is still there, but I couldn't get it to work on my RP or RTM installs. So I was under the, apparently mistaken, impression it had been removed. Snap - Microsoft Windows

    As to point 10, I seem to recall that prior to Windows 8, you could play back commercial DVD's in Windows Media Player due to Windows Media Center being included,... not that using WMP was the best solution, or even a good one, but it worked.

    IMO, DVD playback, CD/DVD writing, photo viewing, all of these and more are basic functions that every OS should have out of the box.

    Basically my list involves returning Windows 8 on the desktop to a desktop centered OS, with "Metro" apps available and allowed to run like other normal applications do on the desktop. This would give dev's there extended platform for Metroized apps beyond tablets, but keep a desktop for what a desktop is for. Then keep the metro-centric OS for touch enabled mobile devices where it belongs.

    This is what Apple has done with OS X and iOS. You have iOS on the mobile front and OS X on the desktop, and while some iOS features have been brought into OS X, OS X remains a desktop oriented OS for traditional desktop style use. This is the approach that MS should have taken instead of the arrogant, one size fits all, our way or the highway type of situation we have now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Corelogik View Post
    This is what Apple has done with OS X and iOS. You have iOS on the mobile front and OS X on the desktop, and while some iOS features have been brought into OS X, OS X remains a desktop oriented OS for traditional desktop style use. This is the approach that MS should have taken instead of the arrogant, one size fits all, our way or the highway type of situation we have now.
    By that logic, if you look at the market share of mac os versus ios, what will you find? ios has cannibalized the mac, without ios apple would tank. apple today isn't concerned as much these days with the mac anymore. They've even said that they're on an assault on the PC, as well as mac, to replace them with an ipad. There is the speculation that in 10 years though, mac os will just be ios.

    If you had Windows on the desktop, and Windows 8 on the tablet, given the current market stances where people genuinely use a simple phablet over a full PC, Windows on the desktop will become mac os. It is basically not very relevant to the company anymore, it's not the bread and butter anymore. Windows 8 on the tablet is.

    This is why Microsoft did what the they did. Instead of having one OS die out as well as the other form factors that used that OS, they are taking that old OS, reinventing and redesigning it, and in turn bringing the older form factors up to date with new technology such as touch and hand gesturing. Windows 8 is best on new PCs for a reason, there are new technologies that Windows 8 takes advantage of than before.

    Also, I should say that apple even cut out the DVD drive in their mac lineup as they find it's an outdated media interface, like the floppy drive. Why Windows still has support for floppy disks is beyond me. USB flash drives and network streaming kind of killed the need for the DVD drive.
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    But the people who use a PC or Mac will not be able to work on a tablet. My nephews are in the arts (sound engineering and graphics art) and although they love their iPhone/iPad, they wouldn't be able to do their jobs on a tablet. Same with everyone that I work with in IT. I couldn't do virtualization and SQL work on a tablet and our programmers wouldn't be able to do their jobs.

    But then again, maybe that would explain why there aren't any more Apple servers... Apple pretty much skips the Business world altogether and only has the niche markets of sound/graphics while the world goes to work on Microsoft products.
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Start button to re-appear in Windows Blue (From W7 Forum)
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