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cant see password hint

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    cant see password hint

    I just installed 8 on my machine with a new SSD. I created 2 accts the online acct using my normal name/password combo and a 2nd offline acct, when I created the 2nd acct I gave a password hint knowing full well I would forget the password. I tried to log on to my system this morning and only the offline acct is showing up. I cant remember the password for it, there is no option to change users or for a password hint, I have entered the incorrect password 20+ times. It does give me the option to use a password reset disk but I never created a disk, I didnt even know that was an option. I know the password for the main acct, but cant get the option to log into it. I still have windows 7 installed on a 2nd drive and can change the boot order to log into 7. So I can look at the windows 8 drive and view all the files on it. In the lower right hand corner of the login screen is an icon, it gives me 3 options, shutdown, restart, sleep. I have never had so many problems with a fresh install, nothing in this OS is intuitive. Please help

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    Hello Chris, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    It sounds like you didn't set a password hint for the account. When there is a hint created, it will display like below after you entered the wrong password, and clicked on OK first.

    Are you able to click on the back arrow button at the top right to be able to select to sign in to your other online account to change the password of the offline account?

    Local Account Password - Change or Remove in Windows 8

    Click image for larger version

    I would also strongly recommend to write down your passwords and keep them somewhere safe and secure in case you may need to look them up.

    Hope this helps,
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    I did create a password hint, I remember specifically doing it. I used a word followed by a series of numbers like hint123, I just forgot the numbers. I did not write the password down because I used a hint that I knew would remind me and because it was not the main admin acct. My only reason for creating a 2nd acct was I was having problems getting the pc into sleep mode, I thought it was some app running that kept waking the pc back up. It turned out to be that windows enabled "wake on lan" but since I have an always on line it would wake my pc immediately. I should be able to log into the main acct and reset the password but I can't.

    The arrow on the left that should allow me to switch users is not there. For some reason the microsoft acct that I created when I installed the OS does not even seem to be there. I named the main acct "Chris", but when I tried to enter safe mode and recover it only listed the "Home" offline acct.

    Ill be off work this weekend, I guess Ill just wipe my ssd. Just a lot of time, effort and money wasted on this.
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    I had a similar problem after going through the first-use setup on my Lenovo Yoga--after I suspended it and then came back to it it would not show the password hint. However after a reboot, it showed the hint.
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    rjh - thanks! Shut down, then turn on and boot worked for me. I arrived at this site while searching windows 8 no password hint. I have a laptop that usually was put to sleep, not turned off. Rebooting did NOT do it, but shutting all the way down, then turning on and booting resulted in the password hint showing up for me. I post this in case someone else afflicted with Windows 8 arrives here.
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cant see password hint
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