Wrap up of CES 2011 Keynote


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Jan 2, 2011
Steve Ballmer just got done with his CES 2011 Keynote. The following editorial is a wrap-up of anything Windows 8 related in the keynote.

Ballmer saved Windows 8 for last, following X-Box and Windows Phone 7. There was really not much said about Windows 8 that wasn't already said in this mornings press conference. In the keynote they showed off a few devices running on ARM processors. Some screenshots can be found in this earlier thread.

Ballmer made it a point to note that what we saw was not Windows 8's UI, but rather a demonstration of the use of ARM processors. So unfortunately there was little to see in tonights keynote, but one of the most important things Ballmer said was that they are doing this to allow partners to work in advance. This reiterated what Steven Sinofsky said earlier and is a good thing for those looking for a leak soon. The full keynote can be seen here.

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