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Windows 8 password reset


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I understand if this post is deleted, but I currently am working while going to college for a computer science degree. One of the things that happens quite commonly at my place of work is people (generally older patrons) is that they return laptops with their administrator passwords still on the machine. I was wondering if there is a program anyone could point me towards to remove their passwords from said laptops so that I could reset to factory defaults since we can sell them at a discount (15-20%). I am at a store that will sell laptops that have been 'opened' at a discount, any help would be appreciated, I reset several netbooks about 18 months ago while they were running windows 7 starter edition, but have lost the bootable usb drive that I originally had and cannot recall what program it was that I used, any help would be appreciated. I understand that this is a 'grey area' when it comes to privacy, I would appreciate any help I get

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If you are selling them a full wipe should be done, there is no way you should be selling used PC's with just a password reset.

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You should be doing a clean install on all units.

View attachment Microsoft Refurbished PC Licensing Guidelines FY13Q3.pdf

Microsoft said:
Q. I have acquired a used PC with the original manufacturer’s
Windows desktop operating system COA on the computer’s
case and the matching copy of the original OEM recovery
media disk or recovery media image that came with the PC
when it was new. Is the Original Equipment Manufacturer
(OEM) Windows desktop operating system on this used PC
properly licensed?

A. Yes, in this case it appears that you have the genuine OEM
Windows desktop operating system software which is designed
exclusively for computer manufacturers to preinstall on their
computers. Genuine OEM software always comes with a COA
(note: the OEM COA is different from an orange retail proof of
license label) and a manual or Quick Start Guide. Some major
manufacturers provide an OEM disc for reinstalling programs,
while smaller manufacturers are required to provide a Microsoft
Windows edge-to-edge hologram disc. OEM software cannot
be downloaded and may not be unbundled or re-bundled from
sources other than the OEM selling you the computer.

Q. I have recovery media from a manufacturer that will install
the Windows operating system on a different model than
the one specified on the media. I also have recovery media
from one manufacturer that works on PCs from another
manufacturer. Can I use these for the PCs I am refurbishing?

A. No. Recovery media can only be used with the original PC that
it accompanied when supplied by the OEM to the end user

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