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Solved Windows 8 Kernel Power error


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I installed clean Windows 8. I checked the event viewer to see if everything is OK. But it has 4 critical error and they were all Kernel Power Error. I noticed these Kernel Power Errors are caused by when I restart my PC. Example is when I installed Photoshop, I restarted and I checked the Event Viewer Log. There was an event Kernel error created.

but here is where it gets complicated. When I boot to desktop after restarting my PC, it doesn't say my computer suffered from a serious error. I have to check it manually by going to the Event Viewer Logs. If I don't check the Event Viewer Log, I won't know.

There has also been times where my PC won't boot to Windows 8. I goes past BIOS and Windows boot screen, but it hangs there. It simply crashes.

I don't overclock my PC. My PC temps are always low old IDLE and always within the max temp under full load.
I have installed and updated ALL drivers and BIOS. I thought this might be driver issue but I realized this happened when I installed it clean and booted up for the first time.

This does not happen in Windows 7. Only in Windows 8.
I ran Prime95 for 12 hours -- no error
I ran Intel Burn Test for 9 hours -- no error
I ran Memtest for 12 hours -- no error

My PC specs:

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870
RAM: 8GB Corsair Dual Channel
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0
Samsung 830 128GB SSD
500GB Western Digital HDD
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After installing a program, if that program requires a restart, windows often will show errors in event viewer as it didn't start up in a normal speedy way as that program finished its install.

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