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Windows 8 boots but no desktop after logon - help request


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I have a Toshiba (Satellite) laptop running Windows 8 that has been working for over a year. This morning when my wife turned it on it did the normal IPL .. displayed the initial windows 8 style picture on screen then went to the log on screen. After logging on with the correct password you get a blank screen but I am not sure that I would call it a BSOD screen its just that the desktop doesn't come up.. I can do the usual CTL-ALT-DEL and get to the TASKMANAGER to come up where upon you can change whatever you wish. I have disabled all of the extras that startup when you boot the computer but it still does the same thing. Nothing I do changes the fact that I never get to the normal desktop.

I have looked for the correct keys that allow you to boot into the configuration menu and the safe mode menu but can not find them on this laptop. Any/all help with the problems mentioned above would be greatly appreciated.


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