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Windows 8.1 will not read SDHC card


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Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble with my laptop. It's an ASUS laptop running on Windows 8.1. I've had this computer for about a year now and have had no trouble before with having it pick up whatever SD cards that I insert into the port. However, a few weeks ago, I noticed that it will no longer read SD cards at all. When I updated to Windows 8.1 about 3-4 days ago, nothing changed. Cards still will not be read. I've tried 4 different SD cards before and after I undated windows. I've also tested the SD cards on other computers to make sure that the cards themselves were not faulty. {Which they are not. They are perfectly fine on other computers.} I've snooped through Disk Management on my windows and the SD cards will not show up on the list.

I'm hoping to get some help with this problem. Thanks in advance.

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