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Win8 Storage Spaces shows I'm using more space than I actually do


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I have a storage space consisted of 3 X 2 TB hd drives in parity mode. I used the drives writing 3,06 TB of files, that means I didn't used the whole available disc space (actually 2 X 1,81 TB available and 1 X 1,81 TB as parity). I added a new 2 TB drive to expand the array. But windows calls me to add 3 drives not 1 (as I did) and keeps saying I' m using 4,6 TB. I double checked the capacity of my files and it's indeed 3,6 not 4,6 TB.
I don't understand what happened. Are my files secure? Is there a way to check the health of storage space?

That's the actual screenshot:

Storage Spaces Problem.jpg

actual file size.jpg

My Computer

System One

  • OS
    Win 8
    AMD Sempron 145
    MSI 760G
    2GB 1333 Mhz Kingston
    Graphics Card(s)
    Sound Card
    Screen Resolution
    1920 X 1080
    Hard Drives
    1 X 500 GB System Disk
    4 X 2 TB storage space
    Corsair CX 500 W
    Fractal Design Arc Mini

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