Vhd extension, numpad trouble and random lockscreen


Since I installed VirtualBox and didn't watch what extensions it was hijacking I lost the very handy ability to double click a .vhd file and automatically get it mounted. How can I restore this to it's original setting? I tried setting it to explorer.exe as I thought that was how it was originally set but it didn't work.:huh:
Google wasn't helpful either on this one and going trough Disk Management is kind of slow.

Next question, since installing windows 8CP my laptop seems to be having problems remembering the state of it's numpad. Upon login after a cold boot there's seemingly a 50% chance the numpad gets active as it should, the other 50% Windows just forgets about it and I have to do it manually. My laptop doesn't have a BIOS setting to trigger this behavior. Is there any way to make Windows 8 always turn on the numpad at boot? Google only gave me solutions for Windows XP and I'm not ready to mess up my registry yet.:shock:

Next next question is about the lock screen. I've set up a custom one and have multiple accounts on this laptop (1x admin; 1x normal user). It seems to randomly decide which one it should show me on a cold boot. It looks like it's alternating between the custom one I set and the stock one it ships with.
Is there any way to make it just show the custom one? Did I overlook a setting somewhere?

Sorry if posted in the wrong sub-forum, this on looked like it was most relevant.
I'm also well aware that all of those can either be solved with a reinstall or waiting for the release version so it's not a big deal if it doesn't get solved. :cool:

Another question added:
How can I remap Win+X to the mobility center and perhaps map the new menu to another key?
Damn you Microsoft for changing these, How'd you feel if I changed ctrl+c & ctrl+v around, or Win+M huh? Or why not make them random at every reboot? :rolleyes: /endrant :zip:

EDIT1: Last question was solved by creating a shortcut on the desktop, mapping it to ctrl+alt+w and then hiding it. Other questions are still open.

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