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Solved UEFI installation


I bought a new dell laptop and found it full of bloatware and so I installed windows 8 from my previous usb key.
Later I found out about UEFI and decided to reinstall windows 8. I followed a guide from this site and made a usb using rufus. Now when I put that usb drive, my laptop does not recognize it.

P.S. - I selected uefi from boot menu too.

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Hi Kapil,

I am Shuchi from the Dell Social Media outreach team.

I will help you with this issue.

In order to resolve this issue please set the BIOS to default.

As soon as you turn on the system tap F2 button 7-8 times till BIOS is visible.

On the Main Tab press F9 key to set the BIOS to default and then press the F10 button to save and exit.

Then try using the system. In case it still does not work you may need to reinstall windows 8 using windows DVD.

In case you have any further doubts or queries, Please feel free to contact me directly by sending a reply to this blog.

We would recommend you do not post your private information on a public forum.

Thanks & Regards

Shuchi S
(You can now follow us on you tube for online video support http://dell.to/13ijS47)

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