Taskbar folder/notepad stack


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Use to be able to have like 15 or 16 folders and notepads open in the taskbar and when i hover over them they would pop up one level and then go horizontal but not once i have 13 opened and hover over they stack and go vertical.
first pic is how i want them to be but with 15/16 folders and notepads opened before they stack.
Second pic is them stacking with only 13 opened.
My PC use to have 15 or 16 before stacking but after i did a system reboot they only allow 12 to open before stacking.

I even used this Taskbar List or Thumbnail Previews Mode - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums and added the DWORD in the regedit.

I know my PC can have at least 15 and from some sites it says 16 is the max for my screen resolution and with my mental health issues i hate change and it makes it hard to accept it being 12.
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