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Strange Video card/Monitor problem


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Hello everyone!

I recently came across a strange issue with my Windows 8.1 install. After some months working, the when i woke up the screen, sometimes the monitor glithces (boxes show up on screen) when something is refreshing on the screen, nothing when im not moving the mouse (doing nothing) on screen. It does it onlywhen im waking up the screen (not waking from sleep)

I did several tests accourding to the GPU power supply errors but nothing. Now i set the screen off timer to never and manually turning off the monitor.

What should be my next step with it? Its strange to me that it only does it in this situation, graphical performance in games, video editing is flawless. :sarc:

The specs are :
Asus mobo
Core i7 2660k
8GB Corshair ram
Asus HD7750-DCSL-1GD5 GPU
Eizo 2111W display

Thanks for the help
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