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Solved Store not working 0x80072ee2


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i got windows 8.1 yesterday and installed on my pc(previously running win7), after a fresh install of win 8.1, i checked for upates and found over 1GB of updates and installed it.

before the update my pc was running well including the store, but after the update store is not working any more, it stuck with the spinning wheel and then throws an error:


i have tried almost every method to resolve this. here is a list of what i tried so far:

1. re-connecting my MS account
2. restarting pc
3. using cmd and tried some command found on this site
4. creating local account and the disconnecting the old one,
5. ms diagnostic tool,


also it detected that my graphics driver is out of date!! i am sure my drivers are updated.
almost none of the solution i tried didn't resolve my problem. Is there anything i am doing wrong!

Any help would be appreciated.

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