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sony VAIO dual integrated SD/MMC and Pro DUO Reader only sees SD card


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Hi all
I've got a sony VAIO laptop with two slots on the front for SD/MMC cards and the sonu pro duo cards.

Works perfectly on W7 but on W8 only the SD card is recognized -- I copied the drivers from W7 (at first W8 didn't recognize the card at all) but after installing only SD cards were recognized.

The card reader is some RICOH model but I think these are probably Taiwanese "clones" of some T.I (Texas Instruments) earlier model.

Of course the Sony site is about as useful as a portable refridgerator at the South Pole - only a minimal amount of drivers are available for the model and of course there is no "install" disk with all the drivers etc on.

I really don't like the whole idea these days of selling PC's with no disks and just having a "Recovery" partition.
At the least there should be a "Drivers and applications" folder but that's another whole issue.

Anybody with a sony VAIO got the sony pro DUO reader to work yet -- note the SD/MMC reader works fine and recognizes those cards.

This isn't a show stopper but it's always nice to have EVERYTHING working.


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