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setting up a computer network in an stangely wired office


I am trying to set up a computer network in a strangely wired office. There is only one single coaxial cable so it is not easy to move the dsl modem. There is also only one single narrow tube to run the ethernet cable down into so it is not easy to run ethernet cables through the wall and to the modem or switch. So I was thinking my best option would be to put a switch in a central location in the center of the office. Currently I have an ethernet cable from the modem into a rjf45 jack into the wall. Then it runs to another room to another rj45 jack. This other rj45 jack is able to be used to access the internet. I was thinking I could cut this ethernet cable then put RJ45 Ends on it. Then plug it into the switch. The part I am not sure about is the wiring. Would I do the typical striped orange, solid orange, striped green, solid blue, striped blue, solid green, striped brown, and solid brown?


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