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Screen saver turns off exactly after "Turn off the display" time


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I have freshly installed Windows 8.1 on Lenovo Thinkpad T530.
When I set the screen saver to turn on after 1 minute and in Power settings I set "Turn off the display" (whether plugged or on the battery) for example 2, 10 or 20 minutes, then:
- the screen saver is activated after 1 minute
- then after exactly these 2, 10 or 20 minutes, instead of turning off the display, it turns off the screen saver and the desktop appears.
- then again after 1 minute the screen saver turns on and then again the same as above - so over and over again.

When I set the screen saver to turn on after, for example, 2 minutes and in Power settings I set "Turn off the display" for example 1 minute (so before screen saver starts), then:
- after 1 minute the display turns off - and nothing more happens until I move my mouse or press key on keyboard. It is correct. Of course, whe display is turned off probably in the background (which I can not see due to the display being turned off) after next 1 minute it turns on the screen saver.

However, I would like it to be, as in the first version, that the screen saver would be turned on first and then after a while the display would turn off. But instead of switching off the display, it switches off the screen saver and shows my desktop.

On another computer (Lenovo Thinkpad too, but older), but with Windows 7, I think that I have the same Power Options settings and it works like it should.

I tried to find something at Event Viewer with this event time like the moment when screen saver is being turned off and I see desktop. I also looked at Task Scheduler. I didn't find anything, but maybe I searched incorrectly.

I typed "powercfg -lastwake", but this shows every time "Wake History Count - 0".
When I type "powercfg -waketimers" it shows "There are no active wake timers in the system".
When I type "powercfg -devicequery wake_armed" it shows:
"HID Keyboard Device (001)
HID-compliant Mouse (001)
HID-compliant Mouse (004)
HID Keyboard Device (006)"

For the time of testing, I even turn off the switch on my wireless mouse and my wireless keyboard. And on my notebook keyboard or touchpad do not walk any cat etc. ;) I also turned off the wifi. I do not have an ethernet cable connected.

My time setting for sleep is Never. Hibernation is off (powercfg.exe /hibernate off) to reduce SSD wear.

I've seen requests for help from people whose screen turns off or the computer goes to sleep and then turns on at random time, but in my case it's not a random time, clearly this moment of awakening the screen saver is exactly after that time which I have set the display to turn off. When I set the display off time after screen saver on and this display off time I set at 10 minutes, I see desktop after 10 minutes, and when I set it to 20 minutes, I see desktop after 20 minutes, etc.

Thank you in advance for any tips
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Uh, I'm pretty sure the reason is cut and dry.
If you're going to turn off the display of your laptop, you would need to turn *off* the laptop. That's why.
Windows 7 had the feature working because it was supposed to be used widely, allowing the display to be shut off.
In Windows 8, the way the computer works depends on what type of device it has detected you are using.
So no, it's not a bug, it's just Microsoft forgetting to remove things.

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