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[screen glitch] before lock screen appears+smal boot delay


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Kind of screen glitch that appears before windows 8 lock screen appears at start /restart and a notable delay in starting/restarting time than with my 1st win8 install.

I think this appeared after I installed my windows 7 back ( dont ask me why..)( a clean install) and installed my win8 back again.I dont think Ive done them corectly:

I couldnt install win 7 it in C ,neither to format that partition because of this message [Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks] and an error code 0x0000 smth... while attempting to format the C. I could only manage to instal windows 7 back after deleting all of the partiton and now I have a single C one.

When Ive tried to reinstall windows 8 these days I expected to see only a partiton where to put my windows but instead there were other minor ones too ( they dint shown during my win7 install) like they appear now if I open disk management
13-12-2012 21-42-25.png.

So now I have that glitch when starting windows 8. I dont know how to describe it: its a black screen -with that windows 8 doted loading wheel -partially covering my Motherboard logo screen ( that screen at startup with bios setup, boot menu options etc).I say partially becuase I can see parts of my motherboard screen on left and right but they are kinda shredded and disolved into scraps. This appears after the clean Motherboard screen witht those options I mentioned above. On my 1st win 8 install this dint use to happen.

So Now I f I want to do a clean correct install of windows 8 what should I do?asking these in the context of those EFI , recovery partitions I havent seen till now while installing windows.
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