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Realtek HD Audio and 5.1 sound problem with Windows 8


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I have already done a search on this forum to see if anyone has been having a similar problem and many do, but so far no suggestions have helped me......

My problem is I have an Acer 6920G laptop running Windows 8 (and 7 on another drive) and no matter which Realtek audio drivers I use, I cannot get 5.1 digital output sound to my Creative Inspire 5.1 system. I have the correct optical cable (which worked fine on Windows 7) and I am currently using Realtek v2.70 HD Audio drivers. When I select the digital output, I can only select properties and not configuration (which is greyed out) and therefore this is no option to setup a 5.1 speaker configuration.

If I use the internal speakers built-in to the laptop (for 5.1 sound) I have no problems, but not with the external speakers.

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.


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