Really urgent my windows 8 tablet has crashed!!! Help!!!!


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When i was editing my new YouTube video on Windows Movie Maker on my Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W700(I5 Core/4GB RAM) and i stupidly kept ignoring the low RAM warning signs telling me to close Movie Maker so when i gone in to full sceen mode everything went completely blank(dark) and nothing was there on the sceen.

So i waited when the battery died and charge it and i tried to boot up the tablet and i saw the Acer logo(and the loading thing) but after it stays on the blank(dark) page, nothing is coming up now, it won't go to the lock sceen and the CPU fan is always going on and off as well, i can't do a single thing on it now.

Can someone help me please? and will doing a hard reset get it all back to normal again??? Has the hardrive failed or is it something else??? What happened to it???

This is really really URGENT!!!!!!

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