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Profile Missing Corrupted after logging into my MS Account


New Member
G/ Day’ I have Windows 8.1 on a Dell Desktop Inspiron 660 I wanted to know how I Can delete all My Profile Folders and Recreate a new one or Keep the correct Profile Folder and Delete the Rest at the Moment they are;
DazzzlingDasha Local Admin > Local // DazzlingDasha Local Admin >
Local>DazzlingDasha-2 > Local
I just want one account I suspect the Da zzz lingDasha is the Boss Profile it has all the Data in its folder BUT I cannot find it in >regedit > H Key Software> Micro> Win NT > Profiles.
I can Find > DazzlingDasha > and > DazzlingDasha-2
No sign of > Da zzz ling Dasha (DazzzlingDasha)
And they are the only 2 Profiles They Have the Same Number (Long) but Neither Has > .bak > after it?.
I also realised that Firefox was not “Saving” Any any of my History and > Options Privacy was Reverting to > Reserve History no matter what I set it too?
I have tried Deleting > cookies sqilite .txt in “Trouble shooting” but No change.
Someone may be interested to know that this happens EVERY time I try and Log out of My Local Account and Log in
to “My Microsoft Account” to get an “App” or whatever” something always happens to my “Profile” and I finish up like
this” any advice how to Overcome this please? I usually stay Right away from the “My Microsoft Account”
for this very reason, I thought I had fixed the Problem with a clean Reinstall 9 Month
s Ago’ but obviously Not Thank you :Dfor any help you can give Cheers Dasha


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