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Problems with viewing images in Windows Photo Viewer

My PC just died on me and I've been forced to move from XP to 8.1. I got a new computer yesterday and a very large monitor for viewing images at optimum size, because I am a professional author and art historian, and work with thousands of images of portraits, stored in hundreds of folders. These have all been transferred to my new computer. But I'm horrified to see that many now come up less than actual size, whereas on XP they were enlarged. Furthermore, there is no icon for moving an image to another folder - something I need to do frequently - and I cannot find any guidance anywhere. With the number of images in my folders and sub-folders, etc, dragging is not an option as it is too time-consuming. I am distraught tonight, for if I can't solve these problems they are going to impact profoundly on my professional life, and on the huge enjoyment I obtain from working with portraits. Can anyone kindly help?

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