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How to Link Contacts in People App in Windows 8 and 8.1

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The People app is a Store app that is included by default in Windows 8. It helps to bring all your contacts together in one place. See what’s new with your friends, and join in the conversation by adding your own comments and updates. You can quickly add your email contacts, your social networks, the people you follow on Facebook, Twitter, and more to one central contact list when you use the People app.

In People, you might have two or more contacts for the same person. This is usually because you have contact info for that person on different social network or email accounts (for example, Outlook and Facebook). In most cases, the People app automatically links these contacts so all their info is together.

This tutorial will show you how to link two or more contacts together in your People app in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Here's How:

1. On the Start screen, click/tap on the People app to open it.

2. On the home page of People, click/tap on All contacts, and click/tap on a contact you want to link to open it. (see screenshot below)

3. Click/tap on the Link contacts button. (see screenshot below)
NOTE: If the contact is already linked with other contacts, you will see a number (ex: 3) in the Link button letting you know how many.

4. Do step 5, 6, or 7 below for what you would like to do.

5. To Unlink a Contact in People App
A) Under Linked profiles, click/tap on any listed contact to unlink it and add it under Suggestions. (see screenshot under step 8)​

6. To Link a Contact under Suggestions in People App
A) Under Suggestions, click/tap on any listed contact to link it and add it under Linked profiles. (see screenshot under step 8)​

7. To Choose a Contact to Link in People App
A) If you want to link a contact that's not already listed under Suggestions, then click/tap on Choose a contact. (see screenshot under step 8)​
B) Click/tap on one or more contacts you want to link, and click/tap on Add. (see screenshot below)​
NOTE: This will add the selected contacts under Linked profiles.​

8. When finished, click/tap on the Save Save.pngbutton. (see screenshot below)

9. You can click/tap on the back arrow button at the top left corner to go back to the People homepage. (see screenshot below step 3)

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