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My file history has not names


I have my PC, windows 8.1, set to automatically save my files to flash drive. It confusing how to use it to find a partii;ar file, for instance a Craftsman folder. When I open the flash drive I get FileHistory>User name (mine)>doubledown(name I use)>then two folders Configuration and Data. Config just a bunch of stuff; Data folder opens $OF and C; $OF open what appears to be all my files. The names of the files are just numbers, date modified and type. I have to open a folder that just has a number no real file name to tell me what it is?
I can't search because the files in the folder are just numbers no names. It appears I'd have to open a folder, then open a file to see what it is and name it, which would take forever. What am I doing wrong. Hope this makes sense, I don't know how to word it to search for answer. Appreciate any help. Hope screenshots help Content in folders file history.png Folders in file history.png

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