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Microsoft's Surface Pro 'is not there yet,' says IDC

That's not all. Microsoft is late to the small-screen party.
"On screen sizes, one of the things that really hurt them was at the precise time they were launching Windows RT and Windows Pro into the market, the tablet market shifted toward smaller sizes, particularly when the [iPad] Mini came out [in November]," according to Mainelli.
He continued. "Right when this was happening, Microsoft launches 10.6-inch tablets. You can make the argument that in order to be productive that's the size you need on Surface. But from a market perspective, the market has shifted small."

Microsoft's Surface Pro 'is not there yet,' says IDC | Microsoft - CNET News


Has the ghost of BillWindows been reincarnated?

I don't know who that is. Why do you troll people on here?

Also, do the research, what I said about the IPad Mini is correct. It is a little IPad 2 on the inside, it has a terrible screen and the top 7 inch Android tablets crush it in every way.

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Who said I was talking about you? I suspect a Freudian slip.

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I find it interesting that screen size seems to go up becasue our smart phones are too small. Then the iPad comes along with a larger screen, everyone immediately jumps on to get the larger screen. Now everyone has to have a smaller screen. In about a year the larger screened tablet will be in vogue. Hell I guess I might as well dust off my bell bottoms from the 70's, I am sure that fasion is coming back.

Hi there

They're already here again !!!!

Please though not Hideous platform shoes too -- and probably the ultimate horror -- Old Shell costumes --those were the absolute PITS.

I think I'll stick to a Manchester United Football T-shirt. At least THAT stays consistent.

However as far as small screens are concerned it's amazing that at HOME and in work places people want LARGER and MORE screens too -- 27 - 28 inch screens at home are almost the norm for PC's these days - and often people plug into large 60 inch LCD TV's etc.

I find multi-monitors actually makes a PC far more USEFUL again just when I thought the form factor was dying -- I still think that 7 inch tablets will be as dead as the Dinosaurs (or is it the DODO ?) within a year or so while a decent Hybrid device will make a lot of sense -- the Surfacer Pro could score hugely here if only it weren't so expensive - look at the HP envy series oreven the Lenovo stuff --OK not perfect but I could get almost TWO HP envy machines for ONE Surface Pro.

A Bog standard tablet also at work is really only of any use for note taking (I still prefer old fashioned Pen/paper) or for displaying content --saves carrying the whole PC plus accessories but for CREATING content --totally useless unless docked to a proper keyboard / mouse / decent screen - in which case its not a tablet but a PC.

Incidentally - what on Earth do they teach people in Schools these days --I was over recently at a Married friend's house with some Young kids --they were going to show the classic Wizard of Oz film --great classic --even I (who usually like explosions, shootings etc etc) can enjoy that movie -- and one of the Kids said -- Is that about the Great Wizard from Australia !!!.


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