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Login problem , suspect corrupted files


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Hello ,

I have a paid account with a chat site ( to play music ) I have been using for years without issues.
Suddenly the correct pw doesn't work , I have tried help desk, pw reset, reinstall several times , also new pw /get email confirmation but still get " login problem, check spelling " ( no issues logging in with a free account on same laptop though)

However the same password rejected on this laptop , works fine on a different computer ( Win 7 home premium ) .

Help desk told me to delete nickname from the program's "manage accounts" section , but that option doesn't exist and they can not help , they say, the problem is my computer > Lenovo E 530 Win 8.1 64 bit <
The only possible reason for all this ( I think ) could be a corrupted file associated with that account and as a last resort I am thinking of deleting account from the registry .

I know editing/deleting stuff from the registry can be risky and frowned upon, but I am aware of the issues involved .
Created a new restore point , I would ONLY be deleting files associated with that account , after that I would reinstall the program and with fingers crossed , try logging in again.

Before I go down that path , I would like to get an opinion and or tips on this issue..

Thanks in advance .. Cheers :) Shopgirl

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Welcome to the forum is it a specific software your using or a web browser its not clear what is the program. Before making changes to the reg you export the keys to a reg file so you just have to double click to get them back

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