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High SSD/C Drive Usage - Low CPU/Memory Usage


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So, it's exactly as the title says,
I downgraded back down to windows 8 after feeling some sluggishness with my windows 10 OS.
It started off fine, but once I started downloading and installing necessary windows update files, I noticed once again the sluggishness I felt before, except this time my System Disk which is also my SSD drive, was being used up to 100% while my CPU was completely fine

Can someone please help me out in this scenario.

Laptop Specs:
Windows 8.1
MSI Dragon Edition 2, GT70 0NE, Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40 GHz 64 bit
Intel HD Graphics 4000

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    Windows 8.1
but once I started downloading and installing
I think you should have let the process finish. Whenever you install an OS fresh, there typically are a lot of updates to apply and that is a very disk intensive process because not only are new files being written to the disk, but the old files are being moved and preserved to allow for recovery.

The very fact W8 is giving you the same problems indicates the problem was not W10 - which is a faster OS.

So, if me, I would try updating to W10 again and give it a few days to work its way through Windows Update, and also to learn your computing habits.

Make sure your system is clean of malware, and your drivers are updated, then go for it.

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