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Help Desperately needed-''how to lock computer''


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I'm 'mildly' comfortable with doing '' settings' but please reply as if you're talking to a 5yr-old !! then i'll understand you LOL....I have to make a regional move....computer will not travel with me, but with commercial movers. If it would get lost i want no accessibility to it.
Win 8....i know if i click on ''start' (in charms area, right side of screen) find the picture upper right screen & click it, the option to 'lock' is an option . When i clicked on it a popup appeared asking if i want to 'continue' (i didn't) because i didn't want it to lock immediately (if that's what would happen) because i wouldn't know how to get out of the 'lock' !!!
2. I did find 'power options' in control-panel with a choice (that is recommended but never used) to require a password to awake computer from 'sleep-mode' . What is the difference between the two choices (above #1 or P.O. ''sleep-mode''area choice?
I am the 'administrator/owner' - no one else uses the computer but i don't think i have a password because i had store set-up computer for me when i bought it....it came ready to use with no password needed.
Thanks so very much in advance for any in put ! Edythe

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