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Dec 18, 2012

Just in case it helps anyone else.

I have all my PC's & Laptop set to Auto update, and I take all patches.

Normally I have no problems at all.

This last Patch Tuesday I did my main computer (AMD 64bit) and it failed so I had to use the Windows 8 repair facility it then worked fine.

I then did my wifes laptop no problems at all.

I did my MediaPC (Intel core 2 32bit) and that was a mess so it had to be rebuilt. one possible problem was this PC is only switched on when I want to watch something from the WEB on the TV. so its updates may have bunched up. When it got into the updates I left it overnight and it was still going in the morning (I think waiting for something, the HDD heartbeat flashing once a second) thinking it must be in a deadly embrace I restarted expecting to have to repair, but did not get the option.

In the end I had to do a complete rebuild, then update.

It works fine again now but it cost me 2-3 days, which these days is not acceptable.

I was NOT given the option to restore nor any other simple method...!



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