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Five ways to save Windows 8


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The numbers don't lie. Windows 8's market acceptance is continuing to fall behind Microsoft's last desktop operating system failure, Vista. Asus, which had been a big Windows 8 booster, is now reporting poor sales and Samsung has decided not to bother with launching a Windows 8 tablet in the lucrative German market.

Simply chopping prices drastically for Windows 8 and Office 2013 for mini-tablets isn't going to cut it. Neither Windows 8 nor its close relatives, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8, even appear on NetApplication's mobile and tablet usage reports for February 2013. Nor, do I think discount prices on Windows 8 for PCs would help much. There are also lots of cheap Windows 8 PCs and they're not selling well.

So what can Microsoft do to give Windows 8 a shot? Here are my proposals.

Five ways to save Windows 8 | ZDNet

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I think MS took a bold chance with Windows 8. With that said, I think the general PC populous is not ready for the touch screen era that the smart phones and mini tablets have. Although I see it more and more in everyday life, mainly in the younger generation, I don't see the retaliative value it has for the main stream PC environment. We are just not ready yet, maybe in the next decade the conversion and fluidity of such a transformation maybe easier to handle but as it stands now, I like my PC to be a PC and not some hybrid toy for pleasure.

I'm using Windows 8 Pro with no add on start menu 3rd party software and I like it just as it is. I must admit, if those changes did take place for the next OS Microsoft comes out with I'd be one happier camper.

Nice article find there whs...a very good read with some very valid points.

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