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error 0xc000000d when trying to install Windows 7 with USB


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Hey guys,
I'm trying to install Win 7 on Asus X540NA using this tutorial. I have several issues with this. When i try to boot from USB i got the error 0xc000000d, but I've managed to bypass this part by dividing my HDD to several partitions (one is supposed to be for WIN7) I'm installing Win7 from running instance of Win8. It's going well until first reboot, it got stuck on "Starting windows" logo... I've tried to wait it rebooted again saying something about registry modifications (Don't know the english phrase for it, sorry) After that it rebooted again and i managed to notice that Win 8 disappeared in Win Boot Manager and so did the instalation, there is just Win 7. Now it seems to be stuck on Starting Windows screen again but not rebooting... It's not supposed to be in english so it's still an instalation bcs it's supposed to be installed in czech. Any ideas please?

Forgot to mention
Secure Boot - Disabled
Fast boot - Disabled
No CSM Options available so disabled i suppose
BIOS version v303 didn't manage to downgrade it to v301 yet

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There is one idea I can suggest - create a Windows install DVD, and install Windows from DVD rather than from a flash drive. I have found that a DVD install always works, whereas a flash drive install sometimes does not.

If you need a Windows 7 .ISO, you can go here to download the "Windows ISO Downloader":
Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool

I have used this tool several times, and it is excellent.

If that doesn't work, I suggest going to Windows 7 Forums with your question, since you are doing a Windows 7 install:

Good luck.

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