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Driver for Diamond View Scanner


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My O/S is 32bit Win81 pro. I installed the scanner in Compatibility mode - which was pronounced to be WinXp SP3. I can get it to be added as Flatbed Scanner 22 in Add Device; Device Manager shows no problematicals, and the LED of the Scanner comes on briefly (at some point). However, when I give the scan command I'm told that it lacks a driver - and that it can not find Winaspi32.dll, but that file is right there amongst the others in the driver software. I note that Virtual Machine has been discontinued in Win8, and you need 64bit system to run Hyper-V.
Mitsubishi Diamond View 1770fd Driver Download 2019 Version contained an INF file from Asia without a context menu, so could not install it; from USA there was not even an INF file ! So is there a chance I can fix this probem to get that perfectly functional scanner working in Win8.1 ?

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